Places to inspire exhibition graphic design ideas for your stand

Places to inspire exhibition graphic design ideas for your stand


Where do ideas generated from?

  • From focused brainstorming?
  • By researching?
  • Or by simply waiting patiently till it strikes?

The answer is a combination of the all the above. By brainstorming, while keeping your agenda in mind you and your team can come up with a relevant set of exhibition graphic design ideas for you to use. Research is quite important as well since what might have been a must-have design before, can become an outdated design faux at the present. Waiting for inspiration is detrimental in the business world. So you have look for inspirational ideas for your exhibition graphic design during your research and if possible with your team in the interest of saving time and generating a better consensus. To assist you in this endeavor here are some tips.

Use Social Media

Visit the Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest pages of some of the best exhibition shows within your region.  You will surely find some of best exhibition stand construction types to inspire you. Even if you consider social media as tertiary marketing tool for your business, you can still capitalize on its massive catalog of images. By using a combination of search terms such as exhibition graphics designs, exhibition stand designs, the best stand design ideas this year and more. You will find several stand design graphics with modest, but quaint themes for small exhibition stands to imposing, lavish themes for large exhibition stands. You can also use social media to get countless ideas for utilizing unique accessories and materials for your exhibition stand. 



Attend trade shows outside your industry

Sometimes it can be hard to find any exhibition graphic design by looking up exhibition stands within your own industry. You might feel like an impostor, since you’re basing your exhibition graphic design based on what another competitor already made. This would be a good time to visit trade shows conducted by other industries and peruse for inspiration. You will are very likely to come across unique stands that able to find wildly creative ways of executing their exhibition graphic design in an attractive and memorable manner. Certain industries such as the interior décor or fashion industry are able to get quite creative and create unique and attractive stands that possibly win awards. But more that often by attending trade shows out of your domain, you can find several experienced exhibition stand design company that are capable of putting a fresh perspective on your  exhibition graphic design. Allowing your stand design to set itself apart from your competition and remain memorable in the minds of attendees.

Malls Multiplexes and Arcades

The management in arcades, malls, and multiplexes is often looking to surprise and delight visitors. So quite often you will find them using various interactive or high branding visual elements e.g. a large hanging banner with helium balloons at the foyer or projector fan that works as a holographic display that showcases a new show or product. Looking at how these trappings are placed you can understand what draws audiences towards certain elements while repels them from others.

Coming up with graphic design ideas for you exhibition need not be a clueless chore, instead one of the quickest approaches are to come up with several ideas. Take a step back from your usual methods and look at winners in trade shows from industries different than your own. The tips above should provide you with quality list of exhibition stand design ideas for your graphics.  Which you can eventually share with your exhibition stand builders and make the most from your exhibition show.

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