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Being a premier exhibition stand design company, Expo Display Service offers highly customized display stand designs and fabrication. We have a strong brand presence and an extensive logistical network across Europe that ensures timely delivery of stands designs to the show with assembly and dismantle services. We understand the exclusive needs of our clients. Hence we offer an exhaustive range of over 1000 exhibition stand design ideas, completely customisable for our clients so that they can choose their next exhibition stand design & build ideas on how to personalise it for their brand. Our exhibition stand designs are exclusively created and curated to enhance your brand image and reinstate your position in the market.

You can browse through our exhibition stand collection by selecting in your budget and exhibition venue in our Expo Stand Configurator to get a comprehensive list of exhibition stand design ideas with all-inclusive prices that suit your requirements. We design exhibition stands by taking into account all the nitty-gritty in the design process and also understand how to design an exhibition stand that suits your brand and grabs the attention of audiences at the show. Due to our local presence at major exhibiting regions, we have a complete know-how of the statutory exhibiting guidelines, rules, and regulations for exhibiting across Europe.

We will find the right exhibition stand design ideas that will knock out your competitors

Get a customized exhibition stand design created exclusively to accommodate your requirements. Our experienced stand designers will create an actionable outline based on your brief while considering your target audience, exhibition goals, marketing strategy, and budget.

Talking about the team, Expo Display Service is the prime choice of established brands across the world. Our proficient designers have created a comprehensive range of exhibition design ideas that will certainly help in strengthening your brand presence. Our experts will help you to put up a great show without any difficulty. Along with stand designing, we provide wide-ranging stand design services right from manufacturing until the installation of your stands with all-inclusive prices.

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Here how you can discover your next design idea!

This outline will help in chalking out the most suitable exhibition stand design idea for your brand. Once you’ve finalised your marketing objective, then accordingly, you could look for stand ideas that will help in communicating your brand message clearly.

Along with maintaining the brand philosophy and values, you should also be able to engage your target audience by using creative design elements in your expo stand design.
Start with assessing other exhibitors, look up exhibition shows that are relevant to your industry, and start looking at the designs of companies who are exhibiting there.
Then, get together with your design team and note what visual elements stand out from the exhibition stands of other companies.
Then, brainstorm how you can use these elements for your exhibition stand. Distil them into several exhibition display design ideas you can use for your brand.

And that’s it. You’re now ready to meet up with your chosen exhibition stand designer and create your creative exhibition stand design. Now it’s up to the stand designer is sure to take your stand design ideas and create an effective design


From 6 sqm to 100 sqm custom rental stand, we do it all.

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How Expo Display Service will bring your design ideas to life!

Once you have selected your preferred stand design, we will initiate the manufacturing process while constantly overseeing the planning and execution of the stand to ensure your vision comes to life, as is! Our project manager will take the load off your shoulder and manage your project on your behalf, thus enabling you to focus on your core objective and have a hassle-free exhibiting experience.

You also don’t need to worry about delivering your exhibition stand; we handle it for you. We have the logistical capability to deliver your exhibition booths design for most exhibition centers in Europe. We have offices, warehouses, and showrooms in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland, and the Netherlands. So you can easily get in touch with us when you are exhibiting in Europe, this greatly benefits our clients since now they get a stand builder that has experience within the region. Furthermore, in an effort to ensure that you, as our client, don’t have to worry about assembling your exhibition stand, we often include installation and dismantle services with the exhibition package you’ve selected. In the case of self-build stands, we provide a step-by-step video tutorial on our website. You can also come to our warehouse if you want one-on-one training for assembling your self-build stands.

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