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Hiring a reliable bespoke exhibition stand contractor company requires thorough research. Key indicators to consider include:

– How much experience does the exhibition booth contractor have?
– Do they have a global presence? If so, what are their international projects?
– How old are their most recent projects? What do their client testimonials say?
– Is their work diverse?
– Do they have a local presence in the region i.e. offices, warehouses, and in-house manufacturing units?
– How well can they tailor their services to meet your specific needs and vision?
– What kind of support and services do they offer once the project is completed?
– You’ll need to consider these markers when doing a background check on any exhibition stand contractor in your region.

In this context, Expo Display Service stands out as a prime example of what to look for in an exhibition stand contractor. With four decades of experience in the exhibition industry, Expo Display Service has proven itself as a trusted partner for exhibitors globally.

If you are planning to rent exhibition stands in Europe as an exhibitor from the UK, US, Canada, or anywhere else, there’s no need to worry about terminology, language, or rules. Our local experts have your back! With our fully in-house booth building and delivery infrastructure and an English-speaking team, exhibiting becomes as easy as possible for you.

Feel free to contact us at +49 (0) 6227 877-290 or drop us an email at international@expodisplayservice.com.

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Exhibiting with eye-catching exhibition stands might seem a costly affair. If done wrong it might kill further opportunities for your business and turn into a massive money sink with no ROI. But is running an exhibition stand inherently risky with a high chance of failure? Perhaps it might be risky at times, just like every other business endeavor but the risk can be minimized with the right knowledge and people. As a business, you’re an expert in your trade. As an expert, clients pay you to offload their worries and reap the benefits of your knowledge. Why? Because they can’t know everything there is to know in this infinitely complicated world of ours.

So why not do the same, when it comes to getting a stand for an exhibition? Not only will you avoid the stress involved in handling and designing an custom exhibition stand. You’ll be able to focus your efforts on polishing your presentation on what matters to you i.e. your business!

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Global Company with Local Expertise

With a presence in every major European region, including Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Austria, Spain, and Switzerland we are equipped to offer prompt delivery and quick response. We also possess the in-house expertise to handle A-Z of exhibition stand rentals.

We offer 1000+ creative booth design ideas that can be customized as per your brand guidelines and requirements.

We handle everything right from stand design and build, logistics to installation, and dismantling along with project management at a transparent price.

We do everything in-house without relying on 3rd parties.

Our English-speaking team understands all the local regulations, helping you exhibit without any language barriers.


Take a look at some of our work

From the 6 sqm to 100 sqm custom rental booths, we do it all.


FIBO 2024, Cologne


Interzoo 2024, Nuremberg

Newfoundlab and Labrador’s

World Hydrogen 2024, Rotterdam

Prometheus Informatics

ICT & Logistiek 2023, Utrecht


TOC Europe 2024, Rotterdam


ANEX 2024, Taipei


Silicone Expo Europe 2024, Amsterdam


Intersolar Europe 2024, Munich

Avery Dennison

Battery Show 2024, Stuttgart

Effective Communication Tips for Working with Your Exhibition Stand Contractor

Clearly Define Your Objectives: Before reaching out to your contractor, make sure you have a clear understanding of your objectives for the exhibition stand. Clearly define your goals, target audience, messaging, and desired outcomes.

Provide Detailed Project Requirements: Clearly communicate your project requirements to the contractor, including the size and layout of the stand, any specific design elements or branding guidelines, technical specifications, and budget constraints.

Establish Open Communication Channels: Establish open and accessible communication channels with your contractor, such as email, phone, or project management tools. Make sure both parties know how and when to reach each other and respond promptly to any queries or requests for clarification.

Be Specific and Concrete: When providing feedback or instructions to your contractor, be specific and concrete. Avoid vague or ambiguous language, and provide clear examples or references to illustrate your points. This will help prevent misunderstandings and ensure that your vision is accurately translated into the final product.

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