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Trade show displays are great for mall activation, corporate conferences, and events at the hotel. If you’re just taking the first steps as a company looking to participate in an exhibition show. A trade show booth display is a reasonable investment for your first show if your goals are modest and entry-level. You can choose to rent a show display instead of buying one outright. There are several trade show display manufacturers that can provide you a wide range of booth displays for trade shows to suit your brand. You don’t even have to limit yourself to the design of your rental stand. Plenty of European trade show display design companies allow you to personalize your rental design without any additional cost added to your trade show displays. Even logistics stops being an issue since the design companies handle storage and transportation for trade show display stands.

Expo Display Service is one of the most experienced trade show booth display companies in Europe

Since our inception in 1979, we have built over 1000+ trade show displays for clients looking to exhibit in Europe. We have a wide variety of booth displays to suit your brand, different configurations, different sizes, or different accessories we have them all. And, if we don’t then we can customize any of our existing trade displays to fit your branding. We have a large team of booth designers who specialize in building booth displays for trade shows, we take your brief and build your design at our local manufacturing and printing unit in either Netherlands or Germany.

Find your next design with our Expo Stand Configurator!

Keeping customer convenience in mind, we’ve built our Expo Stand Configurator, so that you can start picking your next tradeshow booth display right now. The process is quite simple! Just select the European city your tradeshow in at, then choose the size of your booth and then press the ‘See Price’ button. Our configurator will then show you several designs that can be adjusted on the fly according to price. We list transparent prices so that you can plan according to your budget. The prices we list also include our exhibiting services!

So, why wait? You can try out our Expo Stand Configurator right now!

We are one of the few trade show booth display companies that provide both rental and custom trade show displays

As one of the premier trade show display companies in Europe, Expo Display Service offers your wide range of designs for your trade show display in Europe. We established our company four decades ago with the motto to a hassle-free exhibiting experience, in particular when participating in a trade show in Europe. We offer our clients the following features:

1000+ booth designs to pick and personalize for your show
Bespoke designs built by our team of in-house booth designers
Local manufacturing and printing units where we build your stand with high-quality materials
Storage facilities for your trade show display at one of our several warehouses across Europe
Transport facility for your booth whether you are exhibit in Western Europe, we have offices and warehouses in Germany, Netherlands, Austria, France, Switzerland, and Belgium
We even provide on-site installation and dismantle of your booth to the fairgrounds and back

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From 6 sqm to 100 sqm custom rental stand, we do it all.

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