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An exhibition doesn’t just involve marketing your products uniquely; it requires planning, design skills, and team work. Often exhibitors miss out yet another important planning aspect and that is installing and dismantling of your exhibition stand. Right from shipping it to the fairground to dismantling and transporting it back; everything needs to be pre-planned. But, with Expo Display Service beside you, you can stress-freely focus on your promotions strategies and leave I&D on us. Our dedicated team of experts will not only help you successfully set up your stand at the event but will also be dismantling it at the fairground

We also have exhibition stands that require just one or two people to assemble and disassemble it without tools thus reducing your labor cost. If you do so, however, we offer to help with this. So you can concentrate fully on your exhibition or event participation. Our exhibition stand construction team is ready for you. Being among some of the top rated stand designers, we take over the entire logistics for you and ensure timely delivery and collection of your booth or your exhibition wall. In addition, we guarantee a professional set up and dismantling at the desired time. You can safely rely on smooth implementation.

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Offering End-to-End Service

Our proficient exhibition stand designer’s team has the knowledge, skills, and experience to construct your stand anywhere in Europe. Before arriving on site they will pre-built your stand at our pre-building facility so that you get a preview of your stand design weeks before the big day.  Ensuring 100% pre-built guarantee, we will set up and dismantle your booth at our warehouse. We will reach on-site, with all the essential tools, equipment, and supplies which will be needed to build the stand and will be on-hand through the entire process before delivering the finished booth upon completion.

Once the show is over, I&D team will offer booth dismantling service to ensure that your stand’s essential parts are safely detached for future shows. Right from pre-design to trade show dismantling, all the details are handled for you. Our project managers will work on your brief, co-ordinate the shipping as well as manage the setup on your behalf. This will let you concentrate on your core business. With our exhibit stand designer by your side, you can assure to have a stress-free exhibiting experience.


From 6 sqm to 100 sqm custom rental stands, we do it all.

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The advantages of our services in a nutshell:

We offer an experienced team with extensive know-how
Exhibition construction (Setting up and dismantling of exhibition stands) throughout Europe and the world through our network
The material is always in top condition, and up to date
We take over the storage of your trade fair and exhibition system
The logistics and project management, we manage everything on your part
Our low-cost service relieves you

Rules and regulations of the exhibition grounds

The trade fair companies, in general, clearly define the rules and safety requirements for the construction and dismantling. Our employees have extensive knowledge of the specific needs and experiences with these rules. These range from the use of safety shoes and (if required) safety helmets to the required fire safety certificates for the exhibition system and the presentation walls. Our experts know what it takes and contacts the exhibition organisation.

One-Stop solution for your entire exhibition stand, with the aim of a successful participation

Project management and storage

In addition to the transport, assembly, and dismantling, we also offer the storage of your exhibition system. We take on after each use, the inspection and maintenance of the individual parts. This includes the availability of the (international) necessary technical papers. Thus, we can relieve you and ensure that exhibitions or events are a complete success for you!

Perfect at home and abroad

Expo Display Service is one of the sought after exhibition stand designers and builder in Europe with a local presence in 6 European countries which includes Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands, and Belgium. Furthermore, we use an extensive partner network and are able to take over in most countries around the globe setting up and dismantling as well as logistics.

Want to learn more about our services? Please contact us for more information. Our employees are available from Monday to Friday from 8.30 to 17.00 clocks.

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