Exhibition graphic design types, which are bespoke and customised as per your brand


The graphics of your exhibition design is the first thing that attendees are going to notice. So, your graphics need to be on point if you want them to catch the eye of your attendees. For your exhibition graphic design to be a success, you need to consider three factors:

The demographic that you plan to appeal to
The brand message that you want to convey to your audiences
Whether your exhibition graphic design is meant to promote your product or your company

These three factors will strongly influence the graphics of your exhibition stand, which will, in turn, affect the perception your attendees will have about your stand design.

How Expo Display Service help you create attention-grabbing exhibition graphic design 

From the last 40 years, Expo Display Service has been understanding the unique brand requirements and this has enabled us to convey the brand messages through compelling exhibition stand graphic design. We make use of dye-sublimation technology for your exhibition graphics that help match your brand personality’s standard. Using dye-sublimation printing technology assures striking and bold graphics. Our in-house printing unit creates large format prints that seamlessly display your brand message over long and high exhibition booth walls.

At Expo Display Service, we craft exhibition booth graphic design that lasts, and therefore, we make use of permanent colours that are weather and dust resistant. This ensures that your exhibition graphic design can be used for multiple events and suitable for both indoor and outdoor events. Our expert team of graphic designers works in tandem with our highly qualified CAD designers to ensure that your exhibition stand design and graphics are incorporated effortlessly. They work meticulously to place distinct visual elements in your graphic design in the exhibition stand thus creating a powerful and cohesive brand image at the event.

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Expo Display Service has the experience to bring your exhibition design concept to life

Expo Display Service in one of the oldest stand designers in Europe. Established in 1979, we have executed several distinct exhibition design concept types for our clients. Over three decades we have amassed well over 1000 stand designs, which are available to you with a few clicks of our Expo Stand Configurator. To ensure that there is no compromise on quality. All our bespoke stand designs are built at our local manufacturing unit in Europe. Because of our exhibiting resources on hand, we can provide our clients with a 100% pre-built guarantee so that you can see how your stand looks weeks before the exhibition.

We, at Expo Display Service, perform the graphical data verification you provide and look after the processing and image layout. Our advanced technology makes sure that your exhibition stand has crisp and exhibition-ready graphics. With an aim to let your brand communicate effectively, we put our best foot forward to produce creative exhibition stand graphic design. Our stand designers will collaborate with you to ensure that your stand design meets the two most important criteria and that is expressing your brand message and attracting the attention of attendees. The two primary goals of any booth graphic design are:

To Educate: The foremost aspect of your graphics is to convey your brand’s key message across your audience
To Engage: Your graphics should attract the visitor’s attention from across the exhibition floor and keep them hooked to your brand.

And Expo Display Service is here to help you deliver it. We promise quality exhibition stand graphics at an all-inclusive price. To know more about our graphics services, contact us at +49 151 62841259 /


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