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Printing Vivid Large Format Graphics For Your Exhibition Stands

Get Complete Stand Rental Service with Custom Exhibition Graphics

The graphics of your exhibition stand design are the first things that attendees will notice. So, your graphics need to be on point if you want them to catch the eye of your attendees.

For the last 40 years, Expo Display Service has been understanding the unique graphic production requirements of each brand. This knowledge has enabled us to convey brand messages through compelling exhibition stand graphics.

We use dye-sublimation technology for your exhibition graphics, ensuring striking and bold graphics to match your visual standards. Our in-house printing units across seven European countries create large format prints that seamlessly display your brand message over long and high trade show booth walls. Additionally, most of our graphics are printed on reusable fabrics. These fabrics are washable and scratch-proof, ensuring that your exhibition stand graphic can be used for multiple events and are suitable for indoor and outdoor events.

Our expert graphic production team works with our highly qualified graphic designers to ensure that your exhibition stand design and graphics are incorporated effortlessly. They work meticulously to place distinct visual elements in your graphic design in the exhibition stand, thus creating a powerful and cohesive brand image at the event. Contact us at +49 (0) 6227 877-290 or email international@expodisplayservice.com.

Handling Graphics and Other Aspects of Your Exhibition Stands


Expo Display Service, established in 1979, is one of the oldest trade show booth companies in Europe. Over four decades, we have executed several distinct exhibition stand design ideas for our clients, building a repository of over 1000+ booth designs, available with a few clicks of our Expo Stand Configurator.

We are close to major exhibition venues across Germany, Netherlands, Austria, France, Spain, Belgium, and Switzerland. This allows us to deliver your booths promptly. Plus, we do everything related to your booth in-house, giving us complete control over quality and timelines.

We perform graphics data verification and manage the processing and image layout in-house, utilizing advanced technology to ensure crisp and exhibition-ready graphics. Our stand designers collaborate with you to ensure that your graphics meet the two most important criteria: expressing your brand message and attracting the attention of attendees.

With English-speaking project managers eliminating language barriers, we promise seamless exhibition stand build and graphics production at an all-inclusive price.

Transform Your Exhibit Space with Dazzling Graphics

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Getting Your Graphics Right

For your exhibition stand graphic design to be a success, you need to consider three factors:

First, understand the demographic you aim to attract; knowing your audience ensures your design resonates well with them. Next, your brand message should be clear and compelling, effectively communicating what you stand for to your audiences. Lastly, decide whether the purpose of your trade show booth graphic is to highlight your products or to showcase your company as a whole. 

These considerations are essential in creating a visual appeal that attracts and meaningfully engages your target demographic, aligning perfectly with your brand’s objectives and the essence of what you offer.

These three factors will strongly influence the graphics of your exhibition stand, which will, in turn, affect the perception your attendees will have about your trade show booth design.


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Tips for Engaging Exhibition Graphic Design

Understanding color psychology and design principles is crucial for impactful exhibition stand graphics. Choosing the right colors can influence visitor reactions, so selecting a palette that matches your brand and message is vital. Bright and contrasting colors ensure your trade show booth captures attention. Quality graphics and effective lighting also play vital roles, enhancing visibility and creating an inviting atmosphere that highlights your offerings and draws visitors in.


Exhibition stand graphics act as your brand’s visual storyteller, so keeping content clear and concise is important. High-quality images and legible text make your messages accessible. Consistency in booth design across materials strengthens brand recognition, while interactive elements like digital displays or QR codes enrich the visitor experience. Thoughtful exhibition stand design turns your stand into a powerful marketing tool, fostering engagement and building connections with your audience.


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