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Expo Display Service has exhibition stands above 48 sq meters that will fill your exhibition space with splendor

Expand your brand in a clever manner, utilizing your exhibition space to the fullest.

Expo Display Service has attractive stand designs for above 48 sq meters exhibition stands that will make your brand attractive and hard to miss at the any European trade fair. We have a huge collection of well over 1000+ exhibition stand designs to pick from. The best part, we can customize these to suit your brand message and design brief, at no additional costs. This is done at our local manufacturing and printing units in Europe, ensuring that you get the best in stand design and stand quality.

So, give our design gallery of exhibition stands above 48 sq meters a look. With a few clicks not only will you see a preview of your chosen design but also additional information such as region-based price package, value-added services involved, and add-on features that exclusive to that stand design.


Expo Display Service offers you a wide range of services when you decide to hire or buy an above 48 sq meters exhibition stand from us:

1. High quality exhibition-ready stand graphics made at our local printing units
2. An experienced team of stand designers that will translate your design brief into a practical exhibition stand
3. We have offices and warehouses at major exhibiting hubs across Europe. This includes Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, France, and Spain.