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Attractive and brand-ready 8X4 sqm exhibition stands

If you are an enthusiastic exhibitor in the hunt for an appealing 32 sqm exhibition stand in Europe with an ability to create a solid impression, halt your search at Expo Display Service steps in to aid you.

We deliver award-winning and trouble-free 8×4 sqm exhibition booths to diverse companies exhibiting in Europe. Expo Display Service offers a unique approach and a strategy specifically developed to boost your brand’s presence at any exhibition. We are a globally acclaimed exhibition stand contractor in Europe serving our clients for more than four decades.

We deliver audience-engaging 8×4 sqm exhibition stands in Europe at a transparent, all-inclusive price. If you wish to take a glimpse of the creative catalog, then we have come up with an online stand finder tool through which you can get access to 1000+ customisable exhibition stand designs in just a few clicks.

Using our Expo Stand Configurator tool, you can find a 32 sqm exhibition stand that will suit your brand. Your exhibition stand will be built by an in-house team of experienced stand designers who will design your exhibition stand with adherence to your brand guidelines.

So browse through our exhibition design gallery and if any design catches your fancy, then simply click on it and it will display additional details such as:

Region-based pricing
Stand type and build
Breakdown of services provided
An inclusive price package that covers installation and dismantling of your stand

Furthermore, Expo Display Service provides additional price-inclusive services to help you achieve a trouble-free exhibiting experience.

We are able to provide you with prompt delivery at your chosen exhibition show due to having several offices across Europe.
Project managers that are well-versed with their region will assist you for your exhibiting process
On-site installation and dismantling of your exhibition stand
Storage facility for your exhibition stand at one of our several warehouses across Europe

If you are looking to leave a memorable mark on your visitors with an 8×4 stand design, then get in touch with our team of experienced in-house experts today!