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Picking the right trade show booth is not easy since the art of stand designing doesn’t work in a vacuum. There are several factors trade show booth builders need to know beforehand. Firstly you are required to define your business objectives since that will determine the look and design of your trade show booth design. But that’s just the first step after you’ve picked your reasons for exhibiting and defined the ROI and the expenses you are willing to put up with. This can mean that you will need to work towards picking a booth design that matches your brand guidelines. Only a booth designer can help you do that the correct way. It is advisable to look for experienced booth designers that have at least several decades of expertise in designing booths that are brand-ready. Experienced builders will naturally be able to able to build your right booth to fit your branding needs.

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At Expo Display Service, we have been in the business of building trade booths for well over four decades. Established in 1979, we offer over 1000 customisable booth designs online that can be easily accessed through the Expo Stand Configurator tool on our website. Our team of in-house booth designers will collaborate with you to brainstorm trade show booth ideas for your booth design. After we finalize that, we are designing a trade show booth at our local manufacturing and printing unit within Europe to ensure that your trade show booth design ideas are followed as per specification with no deviation in precision and quality. You can rest assured that when we deliver your booth at the fairgrounds, your trade show booth ideas attract visitors from every corner of the trade show.

Being one of the creative trade show booth manufacturers in Europe, we provide several price-inclusive exhibiting services with your booth design:

100% pre-built guarantee –Glitches during installation are always a possibility. So to avoid that we pre-build your booth weeks prior to your show appearance, this ensures that you don’t have to worry about any surprises at the fairgrounds
Transparent Pricing – Our end-to-end service package of unique trade show booths comes with transparent pricing, which ensures that no hidden cost is involved in the entire process; thus, ensuring complete transparency in the exhibiting process
Logistics –We store your booth at our warehouse and transport it to you at the fairgrounds. We have a local presence in every major exhibiting region in Europe; this ensures that you get your booth in a timely manner
I&D Services –We provide on-site installation and dismantling for your trade show booth at the fairgrounds
Prompt Service –Having a local presence in 6 European countries enables us to provide quick and prompt service and ensure on-time delivery of your tradeshow booth at the fairground.
Specialised Project Manager – We assign a dedicated project manager who handles everything right from coordinating with the organiser to dealing with the paperwork on your behalf for a hassle-free exhibiting experience.

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Using our Expo Stand Configurator, you have the opportunity to browse through well over 1000+ unique trade show stand designs and stand ideas. In just three clicks, you can access a broad range of trade show booth designs. Simply, put the name of your city and the size of your booth, and our Configurator will provide you with a curated list of trade show booths that fit your budget and specifications.

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From 6 sqm to 100 sqm custom rental trade show booths, we do it all.

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