Why Choose Trade show booth rental in Europe over Trade show booth purchase?


To choose a trade show booth rental presents an interesting opportunity for newbie exhibitors who are looking to wet their feet for a tradeshow. Wondering why choosing a trade show booth rental in Europe is a better idea, we’ll give you the reasons:

Less Risk: It’s a less risky option, since you will not get stuck with your purchase, in case you discover that trade shows are too nascent for your industry or your trade show booth isn’t getting the response you were expecting.

Eliminate Storage Cost: You don’t have to worry about storage since your booth contractor will manage it for you.

Choice for Design Options: Have the option to try out different designs, if you have various tradeshows to attend. Furthermore, a reputed and veteran booth designer usually has well over 1000 plus rental trade show booth designs for you to pick.

Established and experienced designers even offer additional services such as storage, transportation, and an installation that are inclusive with your trade show booth rentals. This makes rental trade show booths an affordable gateway for exhibitors looking to utilize rental booths for their marketing campaigns. Though having a trade show booth rental in Europe does not necessarily negate the costs that are involved when a company decides to participate in an exhibition show, it does curtail other expenses that usually incur if you had purchased a booth.

Expo Display Service offer trade show booth rentals in Europe with inclusive services at transparent prices

We at Expo Display Service are one of the few booth designers in Europe that have an extensive portfolio of over 1000 design ideas to inspire creative booth rentals for a trade show appearance.  We have over four decades of experience in building, designing, and delivering trade show booths for exhibitors looking to exhibit in Europe. Our production process is backed by our extensive experience and is done in-house by our local manufacturing and printing unit in St. Leon Rot Germany or Apeldoorn, Netherlands.  We build exhibition booths and tradeshow displays that undergo thorough quality checks prior to dispatch; this is our 100% pre-build guarantee, which we offer our clients. We also have our own team of expert booth designers who will understand your brand and deliver personalized booths that match your brand identity. We also consign a project manager to you, who will regularly provide you with project updates so that you can focus your efforts on product presentation and staff training.

Finally, we also have offices and warehouses across Europe in regions such as Germany, Austria, France, Netherlands, and Belgium. So you can expect your booth to be delivered in a timely manner.

Our price price-inclusive services include:

Storage and transport of your booth to the fairgrounds and back
On-site installation and dismantle.
Expert designers that will build exhibition-ready graphics for your booth
An online booth finder which helps you to choose your trade show booth rentals in Europe based on your preferences

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