Founded in 1979, Expo Display Service has earned a reputation for designing and building spectacular trade show booths. Our mission is to make your exhibition experience in Europe hassle-free so that you can focus on achieving your goals. Our headquarters and showrooms are located in Germany, and we have broadened our presence throughout Europe. We also operate offices, showrooms, facilities, and printing facilities in the Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, Spain, France, and Austria. This expansion enhances our ability to provide exceptional service and support to our clients.

What Sets Us Apart?

Local Presence: With our in-house manufacturing and printing facilities in Europe, we have established a local presence across the continent.

Turnkey Rental Solutions: Our trade show booth rental services cover all aspects, including booth design and construction, logistical assistance, installation, and post-event dismantling.

Customized Services: Our booths can be customized to fit your unique specifications and preferences.

Quality Control: We handle all aspects in-house, eliminating the need for third-party involvement and ensuring our commitment to quality.

– Swift Turnaround Time: With a dedicated fleet of trucks, we have full control over the logistics process, allowing us the timely delivery of your trade show booth.

At Expo Display Service, our goal is not limited to constructing booths; rather, we are dedicated to delivering success. By partnering with us, we can enhance your exhibition presence, making a memorable impact on your target audience.

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Graphic Printing

We have a modern printing facility that specializes in generating large-format, high-resolution graphics. These visually stunning graphics serve as a crucial component in enhancing the overall visual appeal of your booth.

Dedicated Project Management

Our project managers will develop a comprehensive plan and schedule to ensure timely completion, as well as facilitate clear communication between you and the exhibition organizers. They will coordinate the arrangement of essential utilities such as water, electricity, and internet access.

1,000+ Customizable Booth Designs

Customize from over 1,000 trade show exhibit designs through our Expo Stand Configurator tool. We also offer the option to create a custom booth design from scratch to perfectly align with your unique requirements.

Transparent Pricing

Our pricing structure is transparent. This approach ensures clarity in all transactions, allowing you to budget effectively for your exhibition needs without any unexpected expenses.

Multilingual Team

We have an English-speaking team that possesses extensive knowledge of the rules and regulations specific to each local area. You can expect a smooth experience without language barriers. They ensure that every aspect of your trade show booth meets local standards for a smooth exhibiting experience.

In-House Facilities

At Expo Display Service, our longstanding experience of over four decades as a leading trade show booth builder is supported by our extensive in-house capabilities. With a network spanning 12 offices across 7 key European countries—Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Austria, the Netherlands, France, and Spain.

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