Consolidated services to ensure prompt installation and dismantling of your stand


At Expo Display Service, top-notch exhibition stand designing and production is supplemented with adept exhibition stand installation. Our all-inclusive and cost-efficient packages include a host of services along with exhibition stand design and build.

A highly skilled and competent team takes complete charge of the assembly and dismantling process of your exhibition stand at the venue, to ascertain that you are show-ready on schedule.

Comprehensive services to ensure you have a stellar show

Installation is a crucial part of exhibition stand planning. Only well-trained and skilled professionals can assemble a stand as it was envisioned by the designers and the client. At Expo Display Service, we have a highly experienced and skillful team that handles the complete exhibition stand design and build of your booth on the fairground. This totally eliminates the hassle of outsourcing and coordinating with various suppliers to assemble and dismantle your exhibition stand.

Your exhibition is pre-built in our warehouse weeks before it is shipped. It gives us ample time for last minute changes and also acts as a warm-up for our team. This task quickens the assembly process on the fairground thus giving you ample time to set-up.

Once you partner with Expo Display Service, we take complete responsibility of your exhibition stand. From stand manufacturing to the exhibition stand design and build process, we handle everything so that you need not worry about these details and concentrate solely on your show.

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