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Innovative 8×3 exhibition stands with personalised design for your brands

Make the most of your 8×3 exhibition space with an 8×3 exhibition stand that maximises the influence of your brand at the trade show. Expo Display Service offers you a wide range of large 8×3 exhibition stand types.

You’re sure to find one that will suit your brand; if not, we can create a brand-new design specifically for your brand. We also customise our existing designs to suit your brand.

With a single click, you can browse in detail through our gallery of 8×3 exhibition stand designs on this page. So, if you find any design that grabs your attention, which you think is a good match for your brand. Then you can click on that particular stand design and know additional details such as

Region-based pricing that’s inclusive of all services
On-site installation and dismantling of your exhibition stand

And other value-added services such as storage and transportation for your exhibition stand, with complete support by our project managers, at major exhibition locations like Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria, and France. This enables you to receive prompt delivery and responsive service no matter where you plan to exhibit in Europe.

Why Choose us for 8×3 sqm exhibition stands

Being in the industry for decades, we provide a range of 24 sqm exhibition stand ideas that can be customised as per the brand requirements of our clients. These designs are easily available online through the Expo Stand Configurator tool on our website. You have to select a 24 sqm exhibition standdesign and provide our designers with a brief of your objectives. You can share your ideas too, and our experienced designers will design the right stand for the event, making the best use of the available space.

Our skilled team of designers has design expertise of decades and works together on creating some exceptional range of 8×3 exhibition stands. Apart from this, our professional project managers offer top-notch exhibition services and take care of all your exhibiting hassles, including the paperwork. You can choose our 24 sqm exhibition stand rental package, which includes services like stand designing and building, printing, warehousing, logistics, installation, and dismantling all under a single roof and at transparent prices.

To know more about the services we offer, call us right away!

Expo Display Service guarantees the following features that make it a lucrative partner for your brand:

An in-house team of experienced stand designers
1000+ stand designs made and deployed for clients in different sectors
Local manufacturing and printing facilities
Team of project managers with diverse experience in the European exhibiting industry
Store your exhibition graphics of 8×3 exhibition stands without any cost
A consultative design approach is free of charge

Are you planning to be a part of an exhibition in Europe? Partner with us, and we will help you build an engaging 24 sqm exhibition stand for your event.