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Stunning options in 6×4 Exhibition Stands

Attractive 6m x 4m Exhibition Stands 

Looking to kick start your brand with an attractive exhibition stand?  Our stand designs are sure to catch your interest. Access a wide range of 6m x 4m large exhibition stands designs to find one that appeals your tastes.

We know that words can fall short when explaining a design? So we’ve compiled all our 6m x 4m large exhibition stands like a digital photo album for quick viewing.

By just clicking on the image of your selected exhibition stand.  You can find out our costs which come inclusive of cover installation, dismantling and logistics, to ensure that you have a hassle-free experience.

How Expo Display Service can help you by 6x4m exhibition stands

Provides a free custom 3D Design
Has competitive pricing
With offices all across Europe to ensure prompt service
Provides On-site Installation and dismantle
Has an experienced team of project managers
Quick response to your queries
1000+ designs online incl. pricing