Exemplary stand designs in 18 sq. meters for your next show


Searching for an exhibition stand design that will make a powerful impression at the show?

Then you’ve come to the right place; Expo Display Service has a huge list of 18 sq meters exhibition stands to choose from. We not only have several designs for you to choose from, but we also provide you with a free 3D exhibition booth design so that you can know how your stand will look with the right exhibition graphics.

So click on any of the images in our gallery of 18 sq meters stand designs, we have compiled for you to browse. When you click on any image that looks suitable, you’ll get additional information about your chosen stand design with all-inclusive prices. This price package even includes installation, dismantling, warehouse storage, and transport.

Why should you choose Expo Display Service over other exhibition stands for your 18 sq meters exhibiting space?

An in-house team of expert designers
Project managers with a team ready to deploy at every major region in Europe
Over 1000+ designs for you to choose from
Each design can be personalized to suit your brand
In-house manufacturing units that build as per your specifications
Printing units that create exhibition-ready graphics for your stand
All-inclusive pricing

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Showcase your Brand with Stunning 18 sqm booth design ideas

Expo Display Service has over 40 years of experience in turning creative booth design ideas into practical exhibition stand constructs. We are one of the most sought after stand Design Company backed by extensive experience and in-house manufacturing unit for clients. We deliver innovative designs in its range of 18 square meters exhibition stand design. These myriad designs can be easily browsed through the Expo booth finder on our website. You can swiftly find the stand designs that you like from our booth finder in three clicks.

We understand the essentials for building 18sqm stand and have a clear understanding of the kind of aesthetics that will appeal to attendees. Our 100% pre-built-guarantee service ensures that the stand is designed as per your requirement as your stand is pre-built at our warehouse. Photos of the same are shared with you, and only then it is shipped to the fairground. You can rent exhibition stands up to 18 square meters that are exclusively made by our in-house designers at our state-of-the-art manufacturing and printing facilities. Having a local presence in major exhibiting cities in Europe makes sure that the stand is delivered to you on time.

So, pair up with Expo Display Service and let us elevate your brand in your next exhibition.



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