How accent colours can make your stand design look distinct

How accent colours can make your stand design look distinct

There are several studies that cite how colour affects the presumed perception of your brand. Most of these studies have found that colour affects 90% of your initial judgment when perceiving a brand. This puts colour right next to design and content, as one the main pillars for establishing the opinion of your brand. So, what are accent colours? And how do they help?

Well, to begin with accent colours are colours that complement and enhance the look of your main colour. For example let’s say that your brand logo is blue in colour. In that case, the accent colours you could use would be white, gray and even purple. These accent colours when used in the background or beside you base colour helps to emphasis the colour of your brand. It creates a memorable impression in the viewer’s mind about your brand. This is quite important factor to consider for your exhibition stand graphics since attention spans are much shorter and first impressions most important.

So how does this apply for your exhibition stand?

Well the most straightforward method would be to hire an exhibition stand design company to consult you for your exhibition graphic design. But then, having the basic knowledge of how colours work will help you in the long-run at understanding your brand better. As well as being able to implement this knowledge in all your future marketing endeavours.



The quickest way to start off is to note down your brand colours and look up for a colour wheel online. The beauty of the colour wheel is that it gives your clear suggestions on which colours work best when played next to each other or opposite of each other. Find your brand colour in this colour wheel and see which colours come beside it and which colours are directly opposite. Now start thinking how you can incorporate these into your logo colours. Don’t be afraid to experiment and have fun!

Another thing you can do is read up on the psychology of colour, these will help you understand how to use accent colours to bring out a certain feel in your marketing collateral. For example, let’s suppose your brand colour is blue and you’ve got a product that targets youth. Using orange or yellow as your accent colour will add the energy and zest that you’re looking to bring out.

Complementary colours such as red and green are natural choices, if you want your blue coloured logo to pop out. Complementary colours can also accentuate your brand colour, but should be used sparingly since they have such a strong visual effect. Unlike adjacent or analogous colours that seamlessly blend in with the main colour. Even the font colour of your brand message and content can be enhanced with the right colours. You can even experiment further with fluorescent, metallic and pastel variations of these accent colours.

Finally, we hope that an entire new world of exhibition stands ideas have opened up for you with this article. The possibility of using colors is almost endless and the right combination of shades can make your exhibition stand design truly achieve distinction.

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