Showcase Your Narrative at Dental Bern 2024 with our Custom Trade Show Exhibit Rentals

Where – BERNEXPO, Bern, Switzerland
When – 6th June to 8th June 2024
Industry – Dental

Looking to leave a lasting impression in the dental industry? Consider putting your brand in the spotlight at Dental Bern 2024 by teaming up with Expo Display Service for your trade show needs. We offer turnkey trade show booth rental services, from the initial design phase to the final dismantling. Our team excels in creating visually appealing trade show booths that can make your brand stand out in any event. 

We have an office in Zurich to handle the A-Z of renting your exhibition stand rental in Bern. Boasting a multilingual team with a thorough understanding of trade show regulations, we navigate the complexities of regional compliance with ease. This knowledge provides a hassle-free and reassuring experience for our clients.

Want to create a striking presence at Dental Bern 2024? Check out our vast collection of over 1000+ exhibition booth designs. Reach out to us at +49 (0) 6227 877-290 or send your project outline to

Our goal is to elevate your brand, ensuring it shines prominently among the top innovators and leaders in the industry!


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    Why Choose Us for Dental Bern 2024?

    Our transparent pricing policy guarantees straightforward budgeting without any surprise fees
    We commit to providing a detailed quote and a 3D design of your exhibition stand within five business days
    Our all-inclusive trade show exhibit rental services cover everything from booth design and graphic printing to building, installation and dismantling post-event
    We have an office in Switzerland to handle the A-Z of your exhibition stand rental in Bern
    A specialised project manager will oversee your project, taking care of all the logistics and technicalities to ensure a seamless operation
    With our extensive range of over 1,000+ trade show booth designs, finding the ideal booth that represents your brand at Dental Bern 2024 is assured

    About Dental Bern 2024

    Dental Bern 2024 is a crucial event for professionals in the dental sector. It offers exhibitors like you an unparalleled opportunity to present innovations, products, and services to an engaged audience of dental experts. 

    This event showcases the latest in dental technology and materials and provides an essential platform for networking, allowing you to connect with potential clients, leading figures in the industry, and potential partners from all over the world. 

    By exhibiting at Dental Bern 2024, you can greatly boost your brand’s visibility and recognition in the dental market. It offers an energetic setting to keep up-to-date with the latest industry trends and regulatory shifts impacting the dental industry. 

    The previous edition attracted 5,503 participants,  175 exhibitors, and hosted 14 captivating workout sessions over three days, with this year expected to offer an even more comprehensive experience. 

    Seize the opportunity to leave a memorable mark by opting for a rental trade show booth in Zurich from Expo Display Service, designed to distinctly convey your brand’s story.

    Get a stand design from us that screams your brand loud and clear!

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