Tips to help you plan your exhibition stand design

7 tips to help you plan your exhibition stand design

Even though in these current times, participating in a trade show isn’t possible. You can still plan exhibition appearance for when the pandemic passes and normal operations start a resume. After all, an exhibition stand is not just an opportunity to advertise your company, it’s also about standing out from your competition and creating a memorable impression on your audience. A well-designed exhibition stand will solidify your brand image in the minds of your attendees. It is the decisive factor for connecting with your audience. We have worked on dozens of exhibition stands, so here are our top 8 tips to follow when planning your exhibition stand design.

1. Purpose guides design

It doesn’t need to be repeated, your stand concept should be based on our exhibition show objectives. But what needs to be addressed is how and when to do it. Have your exhibition goals outlined even before you decide the size, budget, and location for your exhibition stand.

  • Do you plan to showcase a new product line?
  • Do you plan to raise awareness about existing products?
  • Are you looking to get new customers?
  • Partner with new suppliers?
  • Network at the exhibition show?

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you can do them all. Every visitor at the show has their own narrow set of expectations. You can’t appeal to them all, you can only appeal to clusters or specific target groups. Failing to do that, you will get sidelined by other exhibition stands that choose to specialize.

2. Keep your target group in mind

Your design needs to address your target group.  The connection from your brand’s offering to your customer’s needs should be evident with your stand design. This has to be visible to everyone at the show and not limited to your own company bubble. Every target group comes at the show with its own set of expectations, which are diverse. You can’t cover all of them, so you need to pick one.  Having a target-oriented design will grab the attention of visitors fast. This quick awareness of your brand crucial for the few seconds that you have for making an impression.


3. Consider an open booth design

Open design has several advantages. You can have multiple entrances and exits. This lets visitors engage your exhibition stand at their own comfort level. It also becomes easier for your staff to engage multiple visitors without bumping into anyone. Your staff and visitors will also be able to maintain social distancing. Have seating arrangement scattered around your exhibition space, to give everyone at your exhibition stand more privacy.



4. Avoid clutter

More isn’t always better it’s clutter. Your exhibition space isn’t your retail store. Don’t display everything you have to offer. Visitors are coming there for industry-related products and information. Unless you have an innovative and new product to display, select a limited inventory of products, and market them at your exhibition stand. The same goes for your marketing material, have a modest catalog with good writing. List the advantages of your products, that’s it. If you want to go into more detail, leverage the use of smartphones and QR codes to direct visitors to your social media page and website.




5. Set the mood with lighting

An exhibition stand design is not just about its architecture and graphics. A good designer takes note of the human senses such as touch, sight, and smell.  You can use lighting to evoke a specific ambiance to your exhibition space. It can also draw your visitor’s attention to different aspects of your exhibition stand design, such as your graphics and product displays. Also, ensure that your exhibition stand is well-lit don’t rely on the lighting at the show. Have your own set of lighting in place to accentuate parts of your exhibition stand design. With the right kind of lighting, you will be able to instantly stand out from other exhibition stands.


6. Make your presentations dynamic

Once your exhibition stand design succeeds in drawing your target group, it falls on your staff, your products, and your presentation to reach the finish line.  A dynamic presentation can help with that. Don’t let your products just lie on the shelves, have your staff conduct demonstrations with it. If you can let visitors use then at the show, then let them.  Call in experts, schedule presentations, and contests for engaging and informing your visitors. Have interactive presentations with the help of virtual reality.


7. Be a cordial host

Dealing with people in an amicable manner is essential for closing a deal. Your staff should be prepared, they should be skilled at using your products, knowledgeable about your brand, and patient at dealing with questions. Your staff is bound to have their patience tested when visitors ask the same questions but let them recognize that for a visitor it is the first time they are asking that question.

So, there you have it! Seven tips to help your design stand out from other exhibition stands.


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