Have you asked your Exhibition Stand Design Company these 5 questions?

Have you asked your Exhibition Stand Design Company these 5 questions?


Have you asked your Exhibition Stand Design Company these 5 questions?

Being a B2B marketer you must have understood by now the impact of exhibition and trade shows is quite extensive, and, hands down a proven successful marketing strategy. It has been observed that over 80% of the exhibition visitors hold the purchasing power and with the best built-in exhibition stands you can empower your brand at such events. This pretty much explains the crucial role of exhibition stands in making or breaking your brand.

When you plan to promote your business through exhibitions, you will look for exhibition stand Design Company that will help you construct a stand that resonates with your brand. When it comes to getting what you want to achieve from your stand contractor, it is essential that you ask the right questions in order to get the potential outcome from participating in the trade show. In this article, we will focus on what exactly to ask and know about the exhibition stand design company so that you meet your expectations from your contractor thus ensuring that you don’t lose any money, hope, and trust in the overall process.

How much Experience does the Company hold in the Exhibition Industry?

Every exhibitor participating in an exhibition wants to know whether the exhibition company they are planning to hire will turn out to be valuable for them or not. You will certainly want to work with a longstanding and reputable exhibition stand manufacturer with decades of experience in the field and has a good exposure working for various sectors. If they have a huge portfolio that you can bank upon, it will ensure that your aims get fulfilled.

Do they Sub-Contract out to Other Contractor?

There are some exhibition stand builders who would build some part of your stand, and after that, they may give the sub-contract of working on the actual design to the other agency. This may have an impact on the overall price chart; raising the price graph of exhibition stands for the exhibitor and the quality may also get deteriorated. Sometimes there are deadline issues due to no proper coordination between the firms. Therefore, it is advisable to choose an exhibition stand design company which has their own workforce to carry out the entire task.



Is there Quality Assurance in their work?

You must always make sure that the exhibition stand design company in which you invest your money is worthy enough so that you can make the most of their services. Renowned companies ensure that your exhibition stand design is perfect and they offer a promise in the quality of work they deliver. Many times, such companies also provide compensation if the work is not satisfactory.

What are the Feedbacks from their Past Clients?

The feedback from the previous and existing clients will actually help you understand how that particular exhibition stand contractor does their job. It is vital that you know what the previous clients have to say about them. It is also essential that the exhibition stand design company is flexible to undertake the last-minute changes in some cases and try their best to respond to them.

How good are their Recent Projects?

Nowadays, you will find almost every exhibition stand manufacturer having their own official website that talks about their services and give a brief overview of the projects they have handled till now. This way, you could have an insight into their recent work, which will ensure that the company lives up to their promise. Scanning their clients and case studies is a good idea to check whether the company would be able to meet your expectations.

Irrespective of your budget or investment, no company would ever want to make blunders that would damage their reputation and relationship with clients. Therefore, when you are looking for a professional exhibition stand Design Company in Europe, asking the right questions and doing a background check will put you on the right path to achieving all your marketing objectives. These few things are a must to know about your hired exhibition company to ensure that you get superior results of your investment.

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