Essential Tips for Successfully Exhibiting at Trade shows in Europe

Essential Tips for Successfully Exhibiting at Trade shows in Europe


Exhibitions in Europe, as people say, are powerful platforms that help in developing your export market share and build strong networks in the industry. True to that, exhibitors from around the world grab these opportunities to market their brand in Europe. And if you’re one of them (especially a first-time exhibitor), then you need to understand that though it offers ample business opportunities if you’re not prepared enough, then you might won’t have the expected return on investment. To help you optimize your preparations, we have jotted down the tips below that will help in making the most of your show presence in Europe.

Before the Event

Clear Objective with Planned Budget

The first question you should ask yourself is, why do you want to exhibit? Whether you want to launch a new product in the market, create brand awareness, or grow business contacts, you need to set clear goals and objectives. Doing so will help you in strategizing appropriate measures to achieve those goals through participation. Along with it, you need to have a proper budget allocated as based on it; you will plan your entire exhibiting process.



Do your research well

Another primarily important thing to do is pick the right trade show that will help you target the right audience. You could search for demographic data about the representatives such as industry and the job title. Find out how much well-run the show is and will it give your business the best ROI in terms of your objectives before planning to take part in it. Once you investigate and evaluate everything, you can secure booth space at the event (booking early would help you get the prime spots).


Spread the Word

Social media plays a major part in online marketing. So, you could update your audience about your participation in the event and invite them to attend your show. See to it that you provide all the details, for example, the booth number. You could also carry out contests that would generate curiosity among your audience, such as giving a sneak-peek of your new product or offering discounts at your trade show booth.



Right Trade show Booth Builder

Allocating the responsibility of your booth can be challenging, but with the right trade show booth contractor by your side, you will be able to pull the show incredibly without any issues. Now, how do you look for an ideal booth builder? So, here are a few things that you could look at every stand company such as how old the company is, the feedbacks of previous clients, do they offer a complete package of services which will make your process hassle-free, etc.



Appointing the Right staff

Hiring good salespeople is essential as they would be representing your brand at the event. So, we suggest you choose the best team for on-site. Train them well and make sure they are clear with the objectives. To encourage and motivate them, you could offer incentives on goal completion and overall performance. Have sufficient staffing and schedule appropriate breaks. The comfier they are, the more competent they will be.



At the Event

Focus on Networking

Once you’re at the event, don’t just connect with your potential customers but also with suppliers, distributors as well as your competitors as it is a valuable source of market research. Networking with the people in the industry will work wonders in the long run. Ask for business cards from people you connect with and share yours in return.



Be approachable

One thing that several exhibitors miss out on is making sure you’re available to your attendees all the time. The reps should make eye contact and engage with visitors constantly. Sitting ideal at a desk might put a barrier between you and the attendee who wants to communicate. It might seem a small thing, but it can make a big difference if you look from outside the booth.



Incorporate Engaging Elements

Another way to be approachable is by hosting engaging activities at your trade show booth. You could organize games or quizzes related to your brand and offer attractive gift hampers, which will encourage visitors to participate in it. You could also offer promotional giveaways to boost your booth’s reach, but make sure you provide something useful.



Get Social

As we mentioned above about the promotion before the show, use social media to generate more interest among attendees during the event. You could go live while hosting some activities or keeping updating your followers about the latest happening in your trade show booth. Make use of creative and relevant hashtags and encourage people visiting your booth to post pictures with that hashtag to win goodies. This will help in creating buzz about your brand and hence increase footfall at your booth.

After the Event

Debrief and Follow-up

After the show, spend time with your team to evaluate your success and find out the areas of improvement. You might have collected a bundle of business cards. Make sure you contact all the people you met at the event through email or phone call. Also, remember to send a personalised email to thank them for stopping by your booth and also offer them more information about your business. Get in touch within a couple of days of the event while your brand is fresh in their minds.



Evaluate your Success

Following up after the event will help you turn leads into sales. You can assess success by calculating the number of leads and sales over the attending cost. Once you’re able to calculate the revenue generated from the trade show, you can then calculate your ROI. This will help you mark your benchmark for whether the trade show is worth investing time and energy.

We hope these tips help your team make the most of every trade show you exhibit in Europe. Trade shows, when done right, have the potential to create significant value for your business. So, when you exhibit next, make sure you keep in mind the above tips.

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