Trade show statistics for to back your exhibiting plan

Trade show statistics for to back your exhibiting plan


Trade shows can be the most effective below the line marketing component for raising brand awareness and generating sales.  However, your stakeholders who are more comfortable with statistics such as trade show attendance trends might need convincing that trade shows still play an important role for your branding strategy.

So here are some key statistics that will surprise you and your stakeholders. These published figures can be found at CEIR (The Center for Exhibition Industry Research), Euro Statistics Online and Exhibitor Online.

Within the European region alone million square meters of space was booked for over 677 exhibitions and 67.3 million visitors

From this means that the average number of attendees for every square foot of exhibition space across various sectors has gone up. Trade shows have been consistently seeing an increase in traffic density each year.

Statistics show that 81% of attendees at a trade show have the authority to buy

So approximately four out of five people walking around the show are have executives that have the purchasing power and authority to strike business deals if they are sufficiently convinced that they are getting a good deal.

38% of attendees at any trade show are first timers

So the chances are high that when you participate in an exhibition show, you are very likely to find unique customers that you wouldn’t have reached otherwise.  Making trade show a favorable place to meet future prospects.

56% of attendees are geographical diverse

Further trade show industry statistics figures even add that 28% of exhibitors are within 200 miles of the show venue, 56% travel 400 miles, a two out of every 10 attendees are from abroad. This boosts trade show attendee statistics even further, which means that your brand is getting exposed to an international and national audience at a trade show.



5% of Attendees spend on average nine hours and 2.3 days visiting exhibition stands

One of the more surprising trade show stats is that attendees spent lot of time at a trade show. Combine that with the previous figures of the travel distance attendees travel to get to exhibitions and one can assume that there is a high level of interest in trade shows.

46% of attendees consist of executive level management

Marketers and sales personnel often spend days trying to get in touch with higher ups in companies. Trade show attendance statistics show that you are likely to directly meet the top decision makers of any company who will be receptive and willing to hear about your product and services.

Almost 49% of trade show attendees plan to buy at trade shows

Going from building a rapport with a senior executive to getting them to buy into your product or service is often an arduous task. One out of every 2 attendees plan on buying at a trade show. This becomes even clearer, when you compare the amount of time attendees spent at a trade show and all the other trade show statistics that have been listed above.

As you can see participating in a trade show will hit every vital point your business needs to grow which are expanding brand awareness, getting new leads and networking with key industry professionals.  A trade show booth provides a great return on ROI for the business in many ways. So depending on your budget you should consider including a trade show booth into your branding strategy. Finally, did you know 92% of attendees pay attention and rate performance of your staff at the trade booth? This is something you can consider incorporating when planning your trade show booth.

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