Five Advantages of Hiring Exhibition Stands

Five advantages of hiring exhibition stands

Getting an exhibition stand for hire is a good option. A cost-effective option for your budget, but is it the right one? That can be difficult to assess. Firstly, you should know what you don’t get when you choose to hire exhibition stands:

  • You don’t get to own your stand
  • You don’t get to build large and grand designs
  • You don’t get to customise every minute of your stand design
  • It becomes a reoccurring expense if you exhibit often

So, if the above shortcomings don’t concern your exhibiting needs, then choosing an exhibition stands for hire might match your exhibiting choices better. Here’s why!

1. They are ideal for newbies

If you are relatively new to the exhibiting marketing, then rental stands can help you get your feet wet. They become a one-time investment for a novice exhibitor looking to participate in a single trade fair. Once you are done exhibiting the exhibition designer will pick it up for you. This convenience makes the rental exhibition stands ideal for newbies since you don’t have to worry about your exhibition stand after the show.



2. Choose from several types of stands

You get to hire exhibition stands and the benefit of choosing relevant designs for your brand. You can have a single corner or two corner stands an island stands, or row stands. You can even personalise the graphics and build a specific configuration as per the stand design, making your exhibition stand unique. So unlike shell scheme stands provided by show organisers, which are often cookie-cutter and generic. The rental stands you get from stand builders is a far better option.


3. Eco-friendly and modular

Though customs stand rentals are also available, the majority of exhibition stands for hire are built to be reusable. This makes them quite eco-friendly and modular since it is engineered with high-grade materials that give it a long shelf-life. Its modularity also makes it easy to fold and portable, allows you to easily store your stand and carry it from one location to another in a trolley or flight case. Its eco-friendliness comes from its reusability which in the long term results in less wastage of materials and resources, which quite frequently happens in the case of purchasing an exhibition stand.



4. Easy to assemble

Due to the modular nature of most rental exhibition stands, they utilise a Lego-like approach to assembly. This easy to build design means that you don’t need specialised expertise during assembling. Your exhibition stands and can be easily built by an unspecialised team with some guidance. This reduces labour costs relieving additional pressure on your budget.



5. No Ownership Costs

With exhibition rentals, you automatically avoid maintenance costs. The expenses you would have incurred for storing, repairing and possible warranty charges are avoided. This is especially beneficial if you only exhibit once a year or twice a year. You also avoid the problems of having to update an out-dated exhibition stand design.

So there you have it five advantages that give rental stands a unique edge over purchasing one. This doesn’t mean that hiring exhibition stands is superior to purchasing them, but rather it is to give you an understanding of the distinct possibilities that choosing a rental stand for your next exhibition appearance can provide you.

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