DIY-stand or FSC stand?

We usually use these two terms to indicate the difference between a self-build exhibition stand and one which is fully built by your stand builder

DIY = Do-It-Yourself stand, or a “self-build stand”. You buy and build these exhibition stands yourself.

FSC =  Full Service Concept stand. Your stand builder arranges the entire concept for you: project management, installation, dismantling and storage.

When do you choose a self-build exhibition stand, when a Full Service Concept stand?

In general, it is pretty easy to build smaller stands (max. 24m2) yourself. That is, if these stands have been designed based on a lightweight modular stand system (Creeya, Expo Prestige, Expo Truss, Highline).

These stands consist of modules which allow easy transport and construction. Dependent on the size of the stand, they easily fits in a delivery van (type Volkswagen Caddy, Peugeot Partner etc.) or a bus (type Volkswagen Transporter).

The advantages of a modular DIY stand are:

  • You know exactly what you have
  • You don’t depend on third parties
  • You are flexible, as you can easily adapt a modular stand to different spaces
  • You can build the stand in advance (for example at work) and test it
  • You can easily adjust the communication of your stand by using other printed panels and graphics
  • You save a lot of money. After all, a stand builder charges most of the money for “man-hours”.

The disadvantages of a modular DIY stand are:

  • You only recover the costs if you use the stand several times. If you plan a once-only exhibition participation, you’d better rent an exhibition stand.
  • Larger stands (24-100 m2) are difficult to build yourself, to be stored to transport. Besides, regulations for larger stands are more complex as these large stand are usually (much) higher than the standard height.
  • You must arrange everything yourself (furniture, floor covering, audio-visual-electricity-rigging etc.)



Advantages of our FSC stands and stand building

You don’t have to arrange anything yourself. The entire stand inclusive of furniture, carpet, hanging banners, audio-visual etc. is arranged for you. You simply walk in and the exhibition can start
Anything is possible, even large, special and complex exhibition stands
If you wish to rent a stand (as you don’t know yet or/when you will participate in a next exhibition) we recommend a FSC-stand. In that case you don’t have to invest in an own stand.

Disadvantages of FSC

You pay for the stand builders who build up your stand. In case of larger stands, the costs might be a couple of thousands of Euro. In case of a foreign exhibition, you will face high travelling- and accommodation expenses. In case of a DIY-stand, these costs are not applicable.
It is important and necessary to make clear agreements with your stand builder, so you will both know exactly what to expect from each other. It’s the only way to get what you want.

Would you like to receive more information on DIY- or FSC-stands? Contact us and discuss your best options with us.

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