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How to make the most of your small exhibition stand

Looking to hire a small 3×3 exhibition stand to get your feet wet at your industry trade show? Can’t spare the budget for a lavish large exhibition stand? Well firstly, you should take your time and pick from a wide selection of quality exhibition stands. This will help you realise that you have a range of options to choose from, making you feel more in control and less likely to settle for less.

To make the most of your exhibition stand, however, you’ll need to figure out how to pique the curiosity of a passerby at the trade fair. Even having the most lavish types of exhibition stands can’t help you to retain customers, unless you have a plan set in place to engage visitors once they arrive.

Don’t waste your time trying to copy your competitor’s exhibition stand ideas at the trade show. Emphasis the uniqueness your company has to offer and convey that through an innovative stand design that portrays the specialty of your brand. Whatever aspect of your product or service sets your company apart. You have to integrate that aspect into the look of your design in a manner that will catch the attention of your target audience.

The types of stands designs that garner success usually have an original way to stand out in a manner that is true to their brand, as well as are able to arouse the visitor’s curiosity with novelty.  To achieve this you need to go back to basics of marketing and figure out your company’s whys!

  • Why does your company’s product or service exist?
  • Why should your TG care?
  • Why should your TG choose you?



If you want to bring some originality to your stand design, figuring this out is a must, since only then can you communicate it to your exhibition stand design company with efficiency.

Promoting interest with novelty is the next step. This simple fact remains that you’ll be competing with other exhibition stands for what would mostly be the same audience. Contests, special discount offers, promotional events are some examples of methods you can use to generate interest. If you plan to run a promotional contest, make sure that you use the relevant social media platforms to raise awareness. Run campaigns to generate excitement and get some customers to attend the show specifically to checkout your stand.

Finally, feel free to get creative and experiment with visual accessories that have bold colours and proportions that defy expectations. Miniature furniture or even a single “larger than life” prop is naturally eye-catching and difficult to ignore.

Utilising good quality lighting will also work, to attract attention. When placed at strategic points within the stand space, it can highlight the visual displays of your stand in a more striking manner, as well as accentuate your products and brand. Choose lighting colours that compliment your brand colours to superbly enhance the visibility of your stand.

That’s all to it, the key points to remember are:

  • Creativity comes when you gleam what is unique to your brand
  • Find ways that engage visitors and give them a reason to stick around

Good luck and engage your creative juices to the fullest.


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