What will it cost to participate in an exhibition?

What will it cost to participate in an exhibition? Not quite unimportant, especially if you wish to participate for the first time.

Should you buy or rent a stand? you will definitely wonder. Even if you are an ‘experienced’ exhibition participant it might be wise to check the costs of average exhibition participation once again. What are the actual costs of for example a stand, stand rental, stand staff and additional promotion.

A smart reader who believes that it’s not just about the costs, but mainly about what participation will bring a company, is right of course. In this article, you will find a couple of tips to calculate the costs of exhibition participation fast and with reasonable certainty and some saving tips.

Costs Exhibition Participation

In order to gain insight into the different costs which are related to exhibition participation you can use the following formula:

• 25% of the costs: stand rental
• 40% of the costs: stand construction
• 15% of the costs: stand staff (inclusive of travel- and accommodation expenses)
• 20% of the costs: promotion/marketing (mailings, ads, premiums, etc.).


Total Costs Of Exhibition Participation

In order to make a good estimation of the total costs of your exhibition participation, you can use the following simple sum. Multiply the costs of stand rental by 4.

Of course, this is a guideline, which also depends on the actual situation and which is based on exhibition participation in the Netherlands or neighboring countries. The costs with regard to stand construction are comparable in those countries, making this formula quite reliable. Travel- and accommodation expenses will be much higher for exhibition in foreign countries.



Stand Rental: Costs per m2

It’s inevitable: You will have to rent a stand. A stand-in the Netherlands will cost 150-200 Euro (B2B exhibitions) per m2 on average, meaning a stand (“empty surface”) of 20m2 will cost approx. 3500 Euro. The total costs of exhibition participation will supposedly be approximately 14.000 Euro:




Our Sum

Stand rental 20m2: (175 euro/ m²) 3.500
Stand construction: (280 euro/ m²) 5.600
Stand staff (inclusive of travel- and accommodation expenses): 2.100
Promotion (mailings, ads, premiums, etc.): 2.800
Total 14.000


In the above-mentioned example, 40% of the total costs go to stand construction. On average, stand construction will cost 250-300 Euro per m2. In most cases it allows you to realize quite a nice stand.

Yet, there are stands which will cost much more, sometimes even 1.000 Euro per m2. In most cases, it concerns prestigious objects with an extremely special design.

Fixed Costs For Exhibition Participation

Above mentioned costs apply to every exhibition participation. With regard to stand construction savings can be obtained if you choose the same stand construction again and again. For example, if you choose modular stands, for example a stand system or a portable stand.



Modular Stands

Modular stands and stand systems guarantee flexibility, appearance and cost savings. After all, a flexible stand means you have to invest in a sustainable and reusable stand only once. Besides, this stand can easily be adapted to factors like set-up, appearance, and communication.

Furthermore, in most cases, you can easily transport and build our modular stand solutions yourself, which results in extra savings. Do you prefer more service and comfort? It’s possible. Our experienced construction team takes care of your stand to the last detail. Both in and outside Europe.

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