5 Hottest Exhibition Trends You Must Know

5 Hottest Exhibition Trends you must know


Are you a business owner or marketer who’s serious about maximizing your exhibition ROI? About 80% of the B2B marketers say that when talking about efficiency, it all boils down to the statistics. It is all because an exhibition is a platform that brings vendors from around the world under the same roof. It has been noted that 90% of the attendees visiting the exhibition make their purchasing decision based on the impact of the exhibition booth. And to make the right impression on your target audience, you will have to pay close attention to the latest trends in the exhibition industry which will eventually help you grow in your industry. Staying up-to-date with these latest trends can help you better reach an evolving audience while keeping you on track to achieving your marketing and sales goals.

In this Blog, we explore five hottest exhibition trends to look out for as we enter 2019.

Advanced Technology

Day-by-day technology has been constantly evolving at a staggering pace. The incorporation of this hi-tech in the exhibition industry has taken the customer experience to a whole new level. Technology’s Charisma will continue to spread its magic even in 2019. Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality still holds a great potential in engaging customers at an immersive level. Another spell-breaking event technology is Beacon technology. It is said that 565 million beacons will be transported yearly by 2021. People are always fascinated with robots and having robotic assistance to guide and welcome at your exhibition booth is a sure way to grab the attention at the event. Another technology that is taking exhibition by the storm is Artificial Intelligence. We all know Siri but incorporating AI in your exhibition booth can do a lot more than just drawing crowds at the event. Right from virtual sales assistants, chatbots to improved security with Image Recognition & Speech Recognition, AI is truly shaping the future of trade fairs around the world.

Customer-Centric Approach

Exhibiting is not just about having great stand designs; it is also about the overall customer experience which is beyond the confines of the exhibition booth. Using new resources to enhance the experience is bound to be a turning point in the forthcoming year. Because everything ultimately boils down to what made your brand memorable at the exhibition. Connecting with your customer on an emotional level will help you build a good rapport with them. Everything in your exhibition stands design should be intuitive that works towards facilitating a common goal; making it clear to your potential audience how they will benefit through your product and services. For example, have enough space at your stand for the number attendees you are expecting. An overcrowded stand can be a nightmare for your visitors. To make a strong impact, always touch your customers’ pain point through your display and graphics.  Accommodate comfy chairs if you have arranged meetings with your visitors beforehand. Gone are the days where everything revolved around the size of the exhibition booths and number of demo sessions, focusing on the attendee experience first is the new trend.



Multi-sensory Experiences

It has been observed that connecting all the senses can be a key to create lasting impressions with attendees. Nowadays exhibition booths are just not limited to engaging invitees simply by sights and sounds. There are total five senses which include sight, sound, touch, taste & smell and exhibitors are constantly making an effort to appeal all of them.  A distinctive lighting design, interactive displays, touch-panel interfaces, soothing background music, gamification etc. can help amplify your visitors’ sensory abilities to meet your main objective to connect your brand with your target audience. Also, remember that a human nose has more receptors than the eye or ear. Therefore scent marketing is a crucial tool at events so, try embedding pleasant aromas that capture the attention of attendees bypassing your exhibition booth.

The Un-booth

Gone are the days when a typical four corner exhibition stand design with basic graphic on panels attracted customers. People nowadays are being wooed by the freshness exhibitors bring to their exhibition booths. Some of the best un-booth concepts involve food or a bar counter for prospects to chill, a charging station to charge their phones and a relaxed environment for attendees to make them feel at home. Having lounge areas help in getting people at your exhibition booth providing the perfect opportunity for your booth staff to try sale pitch. These ideas have been successful in bringing comfort in your booth thus enabling a memorable exhibiting experience for your prospects.

Connecting Socially

Though social media is not a new concept but still there are several exhibitors out there who ignore the power of social media while exhibiting. It has been observed that the coming year is bound to upsurge the use of social media – before, during and after the exhibition. Social media is the platform that connects your clients, prospects, and partners and conveys any message swiftly across the world. It serves as a great mode of communication not only to the exhibitors but also to the exhibition organizers that can share valuable content all year round. With more social platforms enabling live streaming options, right from Facebook to Instagram, the opportunities for exhibitors are enormous. To make it engaging, ensure that it is in line with your brand story.

Remember one thing that the trends at exhibitions are constantly evolving. That is why when you plan to use some of these trends in your event, gauge your exhibition objective, your target audience, and the industry. Choose the trends that will create a strong impact on your customers and help you meet your objectives.

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