Renting or buying a booth? Advantages and disadvantages

Should I rent or rather buy a booth? It’s a frequently asked question.


Before we get to answer about trade show rental vs buying, here are some questions that you should take into account:

How often do you participate in an exhibition?
What’s the company’s policy in terms of investments and how does it handle budgeting?
Would you like to build the booth yourself or do you prefer full-service booth building?
How many trade fairs do you plan to attend in a year?
Is your trade fair in another country?
Is the trade show you are attending open to the general public? Or is it specialised?
Do you have the means to transport and store your exhibition stand?

Let’s start with the last issue; you can only rent a trade show booth if you wish a complete package where you don’t have to manage the every aspect of your exhibition stand. In that case everything will be taken care of, which includes includes:

Designing the concept of your exhibition stand
Fabricating the materials that go into designing your exhibition stand
Deciding the type of flooring and exhibition graphics that will suit your stand design
Managing the packaging and transportation of your stand
Assembly and dismantling of your exhibition stand at the fairgrounds

These price-inclusive services are often the advantages of renting that clients look for.

The advantages of renting a booth

1.    Possibility to exhibit with a totally different booth at every exhibition stand

2.    Concept and design can be optimally adjusted to the specific exhibition and target group

3.    You need less “cash-out”- lower costs instead of higher investment

4.    You don’t have to store your booth. Afterward, you will return it to the booth builder

5.    Construction and dismantlement are taken care of

6.    If you participate in an exhibition for the first time, a rental might be a good option. It allows you to test both booth and effectiveness of the participation for your company and further optimize it

7.    It might be cheaper to locally rent a booth if you participate in foreign exhibitions (dependent on country and location of course). You will save money on high transportation costs and shipment.

8.    To avoid your exhibition stand looking dated, go for a rental. By renting your exhibition stand, your trade exhibition has the chance to be modern and fresh every time.

9.    The advantage of renting a booth is you can work around a specific show. By renting your booth, you can personalize your exhibition stand.

10.  Renting a booth can be ideal for new exhibitors, to get off to a flying start in the exhibition business.



The disadvantages of renting and the advantages of buying your own booth

1.    You can only rent a booth in combination with full service. It is not possible to build the booth yourself and save money. So, the costs might be higher.

2.    If you regularly participate in exhibitions, renting a booth will cost much more than buying one. After all, you have to pay for booth development over and over again, especially with timber booths. Modular booths are reusable, however, still cost much more.

3.    Renting a booth over and over again will cost a lot of preparation time. After all, you have to think of a new concept again and again.

4.    Renting is a cost/debit item, where buying a booth is a depreciation.

5.    Dependant on the booth system you selected and your own possibilities you can transport, build and dismantle the booth yourself, in you buy one. It allows you to realize big savings on your budget as you don’t need an external booth builder.

6.    Having an own booth means you know exactly what you have and what it looks like.

7.    Your stand contractor can build your own (modular) booth in advance (“pre-building”). In this way, you will never face surprises.

8.    When it comes to custom stand design, the sky is virtually the limit. At the exhibition hall, there will be hundreds and thousands of booths that look like each other. Custom exhibition stands have design flexibility, which helps you to stand out from all the rest.

9.    If you are planning to exhibit more than three to four times a year, then buying a booth are ideal and cost-effective.

10.   Every exhibiting company has its own unique design needs. Meeting these unique needs is necessary if you are going to maximize the effectiveness of your exhibition stands. A custom exhibition stand can help you to create a display that satisfies your needs since it is created specifically for your brand.

These disadvantages of renting might make it difficult for some businesses to get behind rentals. In that case, it is always better to buy a booth for your trade show appearance.


In short: Buying a booth is a much better option if you will use your booth minimum three times. Buying is the best option if you wish to build and dismantle the booth yourself.

Will you participate in exhibitions sporadically? Aren’t you able/willing to build the exhibition stand yourself? Don’t you have enough budget to invest? Renting will be the best option for you!

Do you wish to know more about renting or buying exhibition stands? Contact one of our consultants or request an offer for both options.

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