How to Use Social Media to Support Trade Show Marketing

How to Use Social Media to Support Trade Show Marketing


Social Media Marketing has changed the way businesses are marketed all around the world. This is because the access to consumers has become incredibly easy thanks to the social media websites and businesses have started focusing and shaping their strategies around the use of websites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others. Opting for trade show displays at different trade shows is another excellent method to market your business to others.

Even though trade show displays are comparatively expensive, it is not sufficient for a business to use social media as the only marketing tool. So, how about, we blend these both platforms together to gain enhanced awareness and better sales? In this article, we discuss some of how you can use social media to support your trade show marketing efforts.

Before the Show

Once you have established your target audience, it becomes easier for you to plan the kind of social media strategy which will help you gain attention. It is essential to keep an eye on the changes and updates on the page dedicated to the trade show or the exhibition. Make sure you have a strong presence on this page and use this page to get to know the attendees of the show.

If possible, get a list of attendees from the organizers so that you can develop your marketing campaign according to their needs and interests. The use of hashtag has completely transformed the way messages are broadcasted on social media. Look for related hashtag events and trends and use them in all your social media messages.

It is imperative that you start your social media efforts long before the actual day of the event so that more people have a chance to gain awareness regarding your business and plan to visit your trade show display booth on the actual day of the event.

Actual Day of the Event

On the actual day of the event, you can use social media in some ways to market your business more effectively. One way of using social media is by sharing live coverage as well as photos and videos. This will help the business gain attention of those people who have failed to attend the show.

Also, when having face-to-face interactions with customers at your trade show display booth make sure you make appropriate connections with them on different social media platforms. By connecting with potential customers on social media websites, you can ensure the development of a bond that will be helpful for post-show activities. Also, share live streaming of the different contests and draws that you have arranged at your trade show display booth.

To make your coverage of the event interesting and attractive, it is imperative that you design and plan the display of your trade show booth visually appealing. By using a theme and campaign for your trade show display booth, you can gain increased popularity and awareness.



After the Show

After the day of the trade show, it is essential that you keep a strong follow-up approach. After the show, there are certain social media strategies that you can use to keep reminding people of your business. It is a good idea to do a follow-up with the contacts that you connected with during your trade show presence. Also, share all the videos and photos you have of your trade show activities and journey.

By looking at the profiles of your customers on social media platforms, you can better understand the psyche, interests, and behaviors of your target audience. This will help you plan your campaign for the next time. You can also help you plan further events for your business by keeping in mind the interests of your target audience. Use the social media platforms to invite the interested attendees to these events and enjoy increased awareness and brand recognition.


By combining both, trade show and social media marketing techniques, you can gain more attention for your business and create strong relationships with your existing and potential customers. Use all these tips to make your trade show rental booths a success.

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