Incorporating Advanced Technology in your Stand Design can do Wonders

Incorporating Advanced Technology in your Stand Design can do Wonders


Over the years, exhibitions have become a successful platform for businesses to connect with their target audience as well as strengthen their business network. With technology surpassing the traditional methods, more and more exhibitors are drawn towards promoting their brands with stand design ideas that are more captivating and interactive. Due to the ever-evolving tech world, exhibition visitors expect to witness exhibition stands design that creatively integrates the latest technology. In the past exhibition stand construction included simple modular shaped boxes with brand images, but over time things have changed.

Integrating technology into your next stand design could become a pretty well return on investment. There is a plethora of high-tech equipment that can help increase the number of leads at exhibitions and reduce the workload of your on-stand sales team. Below mentioned technologies can be incorporated into your exhibition stands design to make a powerful impression on your audience.

Augmented Reality:

People are quite addictive to their smart devices and the technology that works with them will certainly entice everyone. That is why Augmented Reality has great potential for making highly engaging exhibition content. For example, the launch of Pokemon Go had a great impact on millions of people worldwide. AR Technology involves computer-generated graphics that overlap the real world and is easily accessible through applications on mobile devices. The merging of the real world with virtual graphics helps you present your information in an interactive way. Using AR Tech in your stand design can help you demonstrate your product or service in an innovative way thus engaging your audience.

Virtual Reality:

Nowadays visitors seek experiences that evoke genuine emotions and making use of immersive technology would make it uniquely memorable. Virtual Reality enables to provide your audience with a multi-sensory experience that engages them on a whole new level. It gives people a reason to strike up conversations with you and know more about your brand. Incorporating VR tech demo in your stand design offers your audience a way to interact with your business and gives them a better representation of what you’re offering them. It will create a three-dimensional environment or a virtual world that will enable the audience to experience your brand on a personal level.

Quick Response Codes:

With so much competition around at an exhibition, it is not only important to grab the attention of your customer but also hook them to your brand. One of the best technologies to ensure that this happens is Quick Response codes (QR Codes). They provide quick and reliable links to your website, online material or mobile apps which enables to access the information even after the user have left the event. Having QR Codes in exhibition stands design will certainly help you top the marketing game.



Beacon Technology:

Beacon Technology helps to engage visitors more accurately compare to any other technology. Including Beacon tech in your stand design will help you connect to your prospects that are in the proximity of your exhibit. You can send a push notification to their device welcoming them to your booth as well as inform them about the ongoing things around your booth. You can also share your brochure or flyer through it. This will enable you to go paperless and whosoever passing by your booth will have your flyers without maintaining any files and folders.

Incorporating technology in your stand design might be a bit costlier affair but spending every penny on it is completely worthwhile when it comes to generating quality leads. Using technology in your stand helps in generating a wow-factor and enhances brand personality. It can certainly make reaching out to your prospects as well as existing customers much easier and quicker.

Do you know any other technology that is also revolutionising the exhibition industry? You can share it with us in the comments.


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