Have you planned a booth at an international trade show? Check the 3 options!

Our global economy heavily relies on foreign trade and export. In order to make and maintain contact with foreign and overseas customers, participation in international trade shows is one of the best marketing instruments for exporting companies. And in many cases even the start of a successful international business.

This is why we take care of the international trade show booth for an increasing number of companies. Are you participating in international trade shows? We can assist you by designing a successful booth!

We offer you 3 options:

Option 1: You take care of shipment, installation and dismantling yourself

Once we have completed the Briefing -3D design- Production process, we will deliver you a wonderful modular booth. We fully pre-build (assemble) it in-house and ship the booth in boxes or flight cases to your company.

You take care of the further transportation and installation, either by building it up yourself on the show floor (self-build booth) or by having an external company to organize this for you.

Option 2: We take care of shipment, installation and dismantling

In our European production facility, we produce your booth and ship it for you to the (foreign) trade show. On the show floor, one of our stand-builders will do the installation and, at the end of the show, dismantling.

In neighbouring countries, our own in-house stand building team will take care of this. In other countries, we make use of the international colleagues from the Expo or the Insta Worldwide Group.

In this option, you don’t have to worry about one single thing. Everything will be arranged for you. Full service!

Option 3: We design your booth and our colleagues abroad will do the production and installation

In this case our European team will do the briefing with you and make a 3D booth design based on that. Once we have the approval from you on the design, we’ll send the design to our colleagues in the country where your show is taking place. They will execute the design and produce your booth in their local production facility. When the booth and the pre-building is finished, they will do the installation and dismantling on the show floor.

Our international colleagues use the same stand building materials as we do, so you won’t face any surprises. In this option we don’t need to ship your booth abroad and we don’t have to have our stand building team to travel to the show abroad. Therefore, this option can save you a substantial amount of budget.

We offer you this service in;

  • Most European countries
  • USA
  • Middle East + Dubai
  • India

Since 2009, Expo is part of the Insta Worldwide Group with branch offices in Europe, Middle East, USA and India. The European Expo Group has offices and showrooms in:

  1. Netherlands
  2. Belgium
  3. Germany
  4. France
  5. Austria
  6. Switzerland

This organization structure allows us to offer you a high-quality service not only in most European countries, but also outside Europe.

Are you planning an international trade show participation? Please feel free to contact our international trade show manager Rob Dirkzwager and discuss which option is the best for you: international@expodisplayservice.nl

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