Bad design decisions that interfere with your exhibiting success

Bad design decisions that interfere with your exhibiting success


Participating in exhibitions is a huge investment upfront. So it makes sense that you would want to secure a huge return on your investment. Essentially, your stand design has to attract the type of visitors that match the business you represent. If the stand fails at this preliminary step, you’re never going to attract the right quality and quantity of leads to justify the expense of getting an exhibition stand. Generic, uninspiring design choices that don’t suit your brand can have a negative impact on the perception of your brand.

Listed below, are some of the most common mistakes made by clients when discussing their design brief with exhibition stand designers. With some straightforward tips to help you avoid these mistakes, we’ve also explained how these mistakes interfere with the impression of your stand for exhibition shows.

1. Cluttered and complicated headings

We are all familiar the fact that the attention of a visitor is a rare resource, at an exhibition show. Realistically, you have only five seconds or less to grab the attention of a visitor and for them to consider approaching your unique stand design. So it becomes important to make sure that your headings are concise while possessing a memorable cadence.

A useful rule of thumb to keep in mind is to limit your brand message to five or ten words. The message should explain what your brand or product is about. You should also use an eye-catching image or logo and add your contact info i.e. social media handle, web address.

Remember to use font colours that compliment the background colour of your exhibition stand to let your message be seen more clearly.



2. Using unusual typefaces

Having a quirky typeface will set apart your website, brochure, and flyer. But it becomes a bad choice to utilise when you’re designing a stand for exhibition events.  This is because the more intricate a font tries to be, the harder it becomes to read or understand it at a distance.  Quite often, small or artisan businesses tend to indulge in artistic typefaces to look distinct. Avoid this mistake and keep the fonts you select simple and clear of any ornate calligraphically pattern. You can easily differentiate your headings and subheadings using sans serif fonts such as Arial, Helvetica and Futura to make them look different while retaining readability. Reliable exhibition stand designers are familiar with typefaces and should be able to guide to further.

3. Not incorporating lighting effectively

Some of the most creative ideas for exhibition stands incorporate lighting in their design to maximise the visual appeal of their stand, which greatly contributes to your exhibiting success. Your stand design gets the benefit of being spotted easily and also looking aesthetically brilliant. Even if you don’t want your exhibition stand designers to install fancy lighting, at minimum you do want your stand to be well-lit. Ensure that you’ve illuminated your stand graphics and products well, with one light covering every three to four feet.

Installing a good set of stand lights makes your exhibition stand pop out and get noticed by the crowd. This helps you attract more attention, resulting in more footfall and better leads.

4. Using images as an after-thought

Exhibitors often treat images as a necessary expense and pick up stock images that look “good”.

Now stock images aren’t a bad option, they are actually a good option. But they need to be utilised keeping the theme of you stand design in mind. The first rule that is obvious would be using high resolution images. The resolution will be completely depend on the size of your exhibition stand, which exhibition stand designers are aware off.  Secondly, it’s better to choose an image that adds value to the brand message of your stand.

So there you have it, four tips to reinforce your chances of exhibiting success prior the show.

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