9 Evergreen Trade Show Tactics that Will Never Go Out of Style

Tradeshow marketing offers a unique platform to businesses looking to increase their sales and exposure. However, exhibiting at a trade show requires a significant amount of investment and is thus needed to be carried out effectively to generate a positive return on investment (ROI). To generate a positive ROI companies have been following many techniques, some of which have proven to be successful. In this article, we will discuss some of the tradeshow tactics that are seen as mandatory when trying to make your presence a success.

1.      Indulging in Pre-tradeshow Efforts

It is essential to generate sufficient awareness about your tradeshow presence before the day of the event. This is important because there will be a lot of companies exhibiting at the tradeshow and to stand out on the day of the event you need to start attracting customers to your trade show booth beforehand. Businesses cannot risk their sales by leaving all the lead generation efforts till the last day. Today, social media has made it extremely convenient and easy for businesses to create hype regarding any marketing campaign. Hence, the first step that you should take is to create awareness about your trade show display.

2.      Creating a Clear Call to Action (CTA)

Call to action refers to a clear and direct message to the customers that asks them to act. This helps businesses generate the right leads and following them once the event has ended. Many businesses lose their leads as a result of an ineffective call to action. The customer should have no confusion regarding what is expected of them. This can be done by creating a CTA that provides clarity and a single direction.

3.      Dedicating a Sales Team

Regardless of the introduction of virtual reality and artificial intelligence, there is always a need for allocating an energetic sales team to your tradeshow booth. According to a study, people prefer interacting and getting information from a person rather than using technology. Hence, to make your tradeshow presence a success, it is imperative that you create and dedicate a team of energetic and enthusiastic individuals.

4.      Planning a Contest

Another tactic that never loses its charm is the implementation of a contest or a competition that attracts the attention of attendees. Plan a contest while keeping in mind the purpose behind your tradeshow presence. A contest can significantly improve the traffic of your booth and to further increase the success of your contest, mention and create hype for the contest during your pre-tradeshow efforts.

5.       Customizing your Booth

Custom tradeshow displays are a great way to attract the attention of your target market; this is because custom tradeshow display ideas can be planned and executed in a way that gives out your brand’s identity and customers tend to feel curious about getting to know more. Therefore, using tradeshow displays can prove to be greatly effective if you can fit them in the budget.



6.      Organizing Samples or Giveaways

If the nature of your business falls into a category that can give out small samples of the product to the attendees, it could prove to be a successful tactic. This is because the customers directly get to try and know the product and if satisfied, it will end up in the successful acquisition of a customer. However, in case your products cannot be given out as samples, you can always plan for giveaways that will attract the attendees towards your tradeshow exhibit. When deciding on the giveaways, make sure you look for something seen as being valuable by your target market.

7.      Inviting a Guest Speaker

Knowing your target market enables you to identify the influencers that exist within that particular market. Use this knowledge to help you draw your target audience towards your tradeshow booth. By bringing in an influencer as a guest speaker for your booth, you increase the traffic of your booth by gathering all the relevant individuals that fall in your target audience.

8.      Building Relationships

To make use of your tradeshow presence, it is imperative that you and your sales team understand the importance of creating relationships at the tradeshow. Your presence should be seen as a means to build meaningful relationships with the target audience rather than generating sales.

9.      Carrying Out Follow-ups

The last crucial trade show tactic comes after the completion of the event. Carrying out follow-ups for the leads generated is an essential part of your success. Without proper follow-ups, you might be at risk of losing all the efforts put in during the event.

All of the ta-ctics mentioned above ensure success and need to be implemented to generate a positive ROI for your tradeshow exhibit. We wish you best of luck with your tradeshow efforts!

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