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Getting ready for your next exhibition and worried about blowing your budget just to get noticed? No stress! You can totally make a big impact with some budget-friendly exhibition stand design ideas

At Expo Display Service, our pricing policy is all about transparency, making sure you understand exactly what you’re paying for and that you receive full value for every penny spent. We believe in being upfront about costs, with no hidden fees or surprises, so you can plan your budget confidently.

With a robust presence across Europe, we have facilities, offices, and showrooms in Germany, France, Switzerland, Spain, the Netherlands, Austria, and Belgium. This widespread geographical footprint enables us to cater to our client’s requirements with efficiency and excellence. Our in-house facilities ensure that we have direct control over the quality and delivery timelines, providing you with reliable service across Europe.

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Designing Success: Affordable, Custom Exhibition Stands for Every Industry


We offer the largest selection of custom exhibition stand designs in the industry, with a portfolio that includes over 1,000+ innovative ideas. This extensive collection ensures a wide range of choices to suit any taste or requirement. Each design in our catalog is customizable, allowing us to accurately reflect your brand’s unique identity and values.

Understanding the importance of time and detailed planning in the exhibition process, we are committed to delivering a comprehensive service package. This includes sending a 3D design and a detailed quote via mail within a swift timeframe of just 5 business days.

We have a fleet of delivery trucks to further streamline the process, ensuring your chosen booth is delivered swiftly and safely to the trade show site, ready for setup.

Our dedication to efficiency, affordability, and customization is designed to simplify your exhibition preparation process. This allows you to focus on what truly matters—showcasing your brand to the world. With our support, you can confidently step into your next event with an exhibit that stands out and engages your audience.

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What Makes Our Exhibition Stand Services Uniquely Suited to Your Business Needs?

In the dynamic world of exhibitions, standing out is not just an option—it’s a necessity. At the heart of creating a memorable presence lies the design and execution of your exhibition stand. This is where our services shine, offering a blend of innovation, customization, and comprehensive support that sets us apart. Here’s how our exhibit services are uniquely crafted to meet and exceed your business needs.

Multilingual Team: Our team, proficient in English, excels at understanding and adhering to the varied exhibiting regulations throughout Europe, guaranteeing seamless communication and coordination. This linguistic proficiency, combined with our in-depth knowledge of local regulations, allows us to navigate the complexities of European markets with ease. 

Project Management: We assign a dedicated project manager as the key liaison between you and the event organizers. Concerns over fundamental requirements such as water supply, electricity, and connectivity? Rest assured, your project manager will handle these essentials, ensuring all is perfectly arranged. 

In-House Manufacturing Unit: We manage all facets of trade show booth construction internally, ensuring superior quality outcomes while minimizing our dependency on third-party suppliers.

End-To-End Exhibition Stand Rental Services: Our turnkey rental services begin with a custom booth design that captures your brand’s essence and objectives. Our skilled team then constructs, installs, and ensures the stand is perfectly set up to meet your specifications and exhibition goals. Finally, after the event concludes, we take care of the dismantling process.


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From the 6 sqm to 100 sqm custom rental booths, we do it all.

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Make Smart Choices in Budget Exhibition Stand Selection

Leverage Digital Displays: Integrating digital displays into your exhibition stand can be a cost-effective way to engage attendees. Screens can showcase your portfolio, share customer testimonials, or display interactive content, providing a dynamic element to your stand without significant additional costs.

Consider Stand Rentals: For businesses not ready to commit to purchasing a stand, rentals offer a flexible and budget-friendly alternative. Rental exhibition stands can be customized to some extent, ensuring your brand stands out without the full cost of ownership and storage.

Achieving a balance between cost efficiency and stand-out appeal in exhibitions is possible with strategic planning, modular design choices, digital integration, and rental options. These strategies safeguard your budget, making every exhibition an opportunity for substantial brand growth.

Hiring an exhibition stand can significantly enhance your trade show experience. Here are reasons to consider this option for your next event: 

Cost Efficiency: Having an exhibition stand for hire significantly lowers the upfront costs associated with participating in a trade show. Businesses can enjoy the perks of a high-quality, professional exhibit without the substantial investment required to purchase one. 

Access to Latest Trends: Exhibition stand rental companies often offer the latest designs and technologies, allowing businesses to present a cutting-edge, professional image without the need for constant investment in new stands

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