Advantages of Having A 20×20 Trade Show Rental Booth

Advantages of Having A 20×20 Trade Show Rental Booth


Choosing the right booth size is an imperative part of your trade show success. Some of us commit the deadly sin of renting a place too small where people have a hard time moving around comfortably. Likewise, if your booth is too big, it is going to look empty most of the times and people may get an impression that your brand doesn’t have anything unique to show.

The impact of renting a 20×20 trade show booth is that it allows you to display everything you can for making the right connection with your key stakeholders.

Here are a few of the benefits you can accomplish by renting a 20×20 booth at a trade show.

Low-Cost Promotion

When you have a fully customized exhibit design, your brand creates a unique opportunity to pull in potential clients throughout the exhibit arena. If you want to have all the bells and whistles yet stay within your budget, get this space reserved to promote brand awareness that delivers measureable results.

It is a cost-conscious effort to create the perfect picture of your brand that helps you stand out from others. Go for a custom exhibit house that has a broad range of rental inventory.

Enhanced Visibility and a Solid Presence

When you reserve a 20×20 rental booth at a trade show, you get a clear height advantage. This implies that you can put up a hanging sign. We all know how hanging signs serve as powerful mediums to spell out your core business or services. Incorporate hanging signs into your 20 x 20 display to catch the eye of your attendees, particularly when the trade show is too crowded.

Make sure to include unique product displays, large-sized images and discussion points to add more to your booth. Always remember the size of your booth must portray a simple and clear message to grab your audience’s attention right away.

Growing your business needs significant investment and constant engagement. This way you can make your brand stand out and pull in more people to encourage interaction. Use colors from your brand theme or logo to plant the perfect image in the minds of the attendees.

More Space

Many exhibitors opt for a 20×20 space since it is the least space that’s allowable to use a double deck exhibit. Some of the many advantages of a double deck revolve around adding a separate place for holding private meeting. It also lets your booth stand tall to get easily noticed.

Another key benefit is having more space to include a plethora of interactive features such as meetings and demos. A 20×20 booth rental gets more traffic thanks to multiple entry points and more room.



Visually Pleasing

Designing a theme at your 20×20 booth display gives an impression that you take your business seriously. It is crucial that you work on making your booth look professional by using the right kind of design and graphics.

A 20×20 exhibit lets you have a bigger canvas and allows you to go creative with the use of fabrics that cover the booth. All this can make your structure look visually stunning.

However, driving people to your booth is just one job. Retaining them is another. In addition to custom designs, professional booth designers may take your existing graphics for optimizing them for various other environments. For this, you must know about installation equipment, material types and printing processes that will work for your booth.

When you include visuals that are visible from a distance but attract users to take a closer look, you continue to drive new and more traffic to your booth. Hence, your booth lets you make the most out of a trade show.


Renting a trade show booth is a clever way to stay within budget parameters and still manage to convey your branding message across your audiences.

When your future sales and brand’s image are at-stake, it is crucial to leave a long-lasting impression. Renting a 20×20 boot saves you resources and time, two of the most valuable things that every business owner wants to save toady. Tell your brand story mindfully with the right visuals and themes that spark connectivity and bridge communication gaps.

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