7 Unique Giveaways Ideas for your Exhibition Stands

7 Unique Giveaways Ideas for your Exhibition Stands


Every year millions of people attend exhibitions across Europe. According to the latest TSNN report, 81% of attendees have buying authority which means 9 out of 10 visitors walk past your booth are your potential customers. This is why exhibitions are a great opportunity for you as a brand to get brand exposure and boost sales. So, how do you make your exhibition stand shine out among your competitors? With the competition being intense at exhibitions and tradeshows you need to pull all stops to ensure that your brand attracts attention from the visitors at the show. Apart from having the coolest exhibition stand design with stunning exhibition graphics and friendly booth staff, one of the trendiest things in the exhibition industry is to distribute giveaways that will make your brand a memorable one. Exhibition giveaways are a sure shot way to ensure that you attract visitors towards your exhibition booths. As per the 2016 EMI & Mosaic statistics, 80% of visitors said that live demonstrations and free samples significantly help define their purchasing decision.

People love free stuff. And that’s why distributing freebies at trade show stands is one of the finest ways to encourage brand awareness. Unique trade show giveaway ideas will help your brand image in more ways than one. The attendees are happy because they get free stuff and you get your brand name in their minds every time they use your free gifts. Unique exhibition ideas and exhibition giveaways project a positive brand image and increase brand recall value especially in the long run. Therefore, it’s a win-win situation for both. Handing out giveaway may seem easier while planning but actually it is a bit complicated. Coolest trade show giveaways do not necessarily mean handing out extravagant and expensive stuff to your visitors.  The idea is to subtly instill your brand image in the minds of the audience and build an image of a consumer-centric and hospitable brand in the market. You need to look for giveaways that are effective and help pull crowds at your exhibition booth.  Always remember that your exhibition giveaways should meet the following goals which are:

  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy to Transport
  • Interesting & Attractive
  • Reminiscent of your brand
  • Reflect your brand’s core values

To simplify your decision process, we have outlined a list of fun and exciting exhibition giveaways that would get people flocking to your exhibition stands.

Smart Mobile Wallets

People nowadays are addicted to smartphones and spend their maximum time with it. Therefore looking for technology-related giveaways is a great way to draw crowd towards your exhibition stands. You could look out for Smart Mobile Wallet – an adhesive cell phone accessory that would make a difference. This smart wallet can be attached to the back of your mobile device and will have your company logo on it. It is useful in storing Driving license, Business cards, Credit/ Debit cards, and some petite cash too. They are quick, lightweight, and cost-effective and are instantly valuable to the attendee. They are suitable for branding purposes as your logo will be flaunted whenever they take it along.

USB Chargers

Just like we mention in our previous point about how the use of technology is ever increasing and even though exhibition visitors may not be in the office, they still connect to their workplace via email, text, and calls. Relentless communication can take a toll on battery life which can leave them looking out for a charging station in the entire exhibition hall. Distributing USB chargers as your exhibition giveaway can provide attendees with a lifeline back home when they are looking it for the most. They are handy, user-friendly and are also capable of charging multiple devices at a time. They are a relatively inexpensive and useful tool for the majority of attendees that helps you stand apart from competitors. You can add your company logo for marketing opportunities.

Pop Sockets

Here’s another unique cell phone accessory that could make a great trade show giveaway. Pop sockets are one of the coolest and trendiest trade show giveaways that can be stick to phones with rinsable adhesive. It can be shifted multiple times without losing its stickiness thus providing a better grip on your phone. It is also used as a phone stand, phone clip or cord holder. This trendy and multi-use mobile accessory is useful on a day-to-day basis. So, label it with your brand logo to make it an effective marketing product for your company.



Reusable Water Bottles

Attending an exhibition is a tiring process and for these attendees would want to stay hydrated as they complete their rounds. And that’s where your brand will come in the picture. Providing free reusable water bottles is an eco-friendly option which is sure to make you a hit! Reusable water bottles have a long lifespan and can be used in their day-to-day life and thus help boost brand awareness. Having it as a promotional giveaway at your exhibition stands will grab the attention of visitors who will be keen to know your ecological gift.


Customizable Gifts

Out of all the other ideas, this one is the cheapest and most versatile giveaway idea.  You can choose any common promotional item which includes T-shirts, Tote bags or hats and makes it customizable for your customers. You need to have a laptop, camera and label printer set up at your trade show stands. Your attendees can click pictures to take away a memorable keepsake with them or have their name printed on the item for a personalized look. To promote your brand, put your brand logo on the corner of their picture.

Food and Drinks

Food items always attract attention at an exhibition. After spending the entire day moving through the event hall, attendees would be tired and having a refreshment counter in your stand design will enable to hold them into your exhibition stands. You could try some fortune cookies, chocolates and candy or coffee will work too. Offering snacks at your exhibition stands is a great way to make people stop by your exhibition booth and strike a conversation with your prospects. They are simple, cost-effective consumable giveaways that provide your sales team the opportunity to engage attendees. It will help in creating a memorable experience for your potential customers. But make sure your stand does not end up looking like a cluttered food stall.

Product Samples

Distributing product samples at an exhibition is the most accessible and effective way to promote your brand and attract visitors to your exhibition booth. It will enable attendees to try products first-hand before actually purchasing them. They will also be well-informed on your product and can make purchasing decisions confidently. Suppose, you are a cosmetic brand then you could offer free lipstick samples to your prospects.  Having product samples as giveaways is the best way to showcase your product’s competences.

Choosing the right exhibition giveaway items can be daunting at times, but when done right can help in yielding a good return on investment. Just keep your marketing goals clear, follow your budget plan and avoid any logistics issues to make the most of your giveaways.

Do share with us the experience of the above giveaways you have tried in your event. We will be more than happy to hear from you.

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