Exhibition stands, which types of stands and lay-outs are available?

Exhibition stands are available in all kinds of types, shapes and formations, varying from a couple of plain white walls to the most luxurious pavilions with various floors.

Whatever you choose depends on the type of exhibition, the available space, how often you participate in an exhibition and of course the available budget. Will you buy or rent a stand?
If you wish to receive more information on this subject, you should talk to Expo Display Service. As stand builder we can supply a lot of information. Below we have listed the various stand types and lay-outs for you:

The various stand types and lay-outs Head stand

A head stand is generally to be found at the head of a row and results from the combination of two corner stands. It has three open sides and a rear wall. It often attracts a high degree of attention and offers lots of design freedom. The limited amount of wall space might be a disadvantage. As the stand’s surface is usually variable, you don’t necessarily have to buy a lot of m2, compared to a peninsula stand.

Row stand 

The most common stand is a row stand. Row stands are adjoined on three sides by neighbouring stands. The stand front faces the hall aisle. It is also called wall stand.

Many organizers put this ‘standard’ stand at the exhibitor’s disposal. You can easily furnish this stand with rollup bannersand other accessories like a lose wall, floor covering and a seat. An economical and effective solution, especially if you don’t participate in exhibitions regularly.

It is more difficult to attract attention when you are part of a row of stands. It often concerns the smallest (not necessarily) and the shortest stands.

Walk-through stand

An uncommon type which is sometimes positioned on a spot where you would expect a row stand, namely in between two stands.

Usually, a walk-through stand is a bit deeper and doesn’t have a back wall. The visitor literally walks through your stand to the next aisle. This stand requires extra attentiveness of the stand staff, as visitors can access your stand from both sides. As the wall surface of both sidewalls is usually limited, this stand doesn’t offer many fixing possibilities for promotion material.

These stands are often positioned in the passage between two halls, turning these stands into a walk-through path. This stand type requires an original stand concept.



Corner stand

A corner stand is less common. Corner stands are located at the end of a row – often at an aisle intersection – and are open on two sides. The visitors can access the stand from these two sides. It generates more attention . Besides, this stand catches the eye and offers more design options compared to a row stand.

Peninsula stand

The peninsula stand is open on all sides and is enclosed by the aisles. Visitors can access your stand from all sides, which generates a lot of exposure. As this stand doesn’t have any walls, you need to use freestanding presentation furniture to promote your products and documentation.

A peninsula stand is a true eye-catcher and a means to show you are a A-brand and/or market leader. You should definitely consider the fact your are visible and accessible from all sides. Peninsula islands are, of course, much more expensive than stands surrounded by the walls of neighbouring stands.

Floor stand

The floor stand is an exhibition stand with an extra floor, extending its stand surface. In principle, each of the previously discussed stand types can be fitted with an extra floor. You should always enquire in advance about the regulations the organizer applies.
The floor stand adds extra status to a company and increases the VIP-feeling of guests who ‘are allowed’ to go upstairs. It offers the opportunity to invite good relations and interesting prospects up. Usually this floor has a hospitality function, it could however also be used as presentation area.

Request a floor plan in advance

When you sign up for an exhibition, you usually get a floor plan, showing all doors, aisles, obstacles and facilities. Yet, it is difficult to choose a stand based on this plan, as for example the routing is not visible.

If you don’t know the exhibition location it might be wise to visit another exhibition on this location or to discuss things with the counsellors of Expo Display Service. Make an appointment today to discuss your stand !

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