Four aspects to consider for maximising your stand management skills

Four aspects to consider for maximising your stand management skills


So you’ve short-listed a reliable bunch of exhibition stand builders and booked your exhibiting space for the show. But then, you still have a full plate of responsibilities to consider before you step in the fairgrounds. Having an enchanting exhibition stand and a good position at the show is just one aspect of exhibition stand management. It is an important aspect none the less, but part of larger whole. The other essential aspects are staff training, brand management, customer engagement, and also the oversight of ensuring your exhibition ideas are conveyed to exhibition stand suppliers in an accurate manner. All this needs to be handled by you and your company.

So here are four aspects that worth considering:

1. Consider the marketing units that will stock your stand

Your exhibition stand builder can provide you with an attractive design based on your specifications. But that’s the catch; you have to decide what your stand should or shouldn’t have. Carefully consider the reasons for any marketing material you place at your stand:

  • What will be its use?
  • How are you going to display it?
  • How accessible you want it to be for visitors?
  • What do you want visitors to access first?

Ensure that each piece serves a purpose in your stand. Even your exhibition graphic design must be convey the purpose of your brand. Don’t make the mistake of filling your stand with every type of marketing material you can think off. This will contribute to your stand in only one way, which is creating clutter.

2. Staying functional

Understanding how a customer perceives your stand is important.  Think about how you’ll position each area according to your exhibiting space. Their curiosity and familiarity with your brand should rise as they step further.  The best exhibition stand builders in Europe are contentious about function and design. And they will most likely be able you guide you through this process. Since, you’re likely to go through several stand types before you’re able to build a winning stand design that it attractive and functional.



3. Train your staff well

One of the main factors that keep exhibition stands relevant is the face to face human interaction it facilitates. So, the staff you assemble is as important as the stand design itself. And unlike a good design for which you can rely on an exhibition stand builder. You have only yourself to blame, if your staff is unable to create a strong enough impression on the visitor to turn them into a positive lead. You should establish clear objectives and measurable targets for your sales team to achieve. They should have clear idea of the message your company is portraying and be able to embody it properly in front of visitors. They should have a complete knowledge of your product or service, with the skills to be able to start and sustain an engaging conversation without stuffing a visitor’s head with irrelevant, untimely company information. Ensure that your team gets all the practice they need. Have a sales script with open-ended questions and an elevator pitch ready that your staff can deploy for impatient visitors, which will many.

4. Don’t try to impress every visitor

Time is a limited resource, so it makes sense for you to focus on prospects that will identify with the service you offer the most. You don’t want to waste time on visitors that aren’t interested in your services. So take the time to identify your target audience and build your strategies around them. This is especially true if you’re selling a niche product that has a very specific audience.

And finally, don’t forget to follow up on leads you’ll collect otherwise the effort you’ve put in your exhibition stand would be a waste.

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