Right Marketing Strategy for your Exhibition Booth

Right Marketing Strategy for your Exhibition Booth


Participating in an exhibition can sometimes be daunting, particularly if your event is just around the corner and you still haven’t planned the right strategy for your show. You need to brainstorm exhibition ideas that would benefit your exhibition booth and take a note of few things that can help to have a stress-free exhibiting experience. As we all know that the secret to successful exhibition booths is careful planning.

Creating a detailed plan for all your event activities as well as understanding the important role that exhibitions plays in the overall marketing and sales strategy will help you drive traffic at your exhibition booth and make it a memorable experience to your visitors. Unlike digital marketing, exhibitions provide you with the right opportunity to interact face-to-face with your target group and build long lasting business relationships. Therefore, it is essential to make sure that you make the most of this opportunity.

Below are few planning tips that will help you in strategizing successful marketing tactics at every exhibition:

Picking the Right Event

There are thousands of exhibitions that occur every year around the globe. You need to find the right one to invest in. It is important to research and find out a good amount of information about the event that you might be interested in before planning about the exhibition booths.

Choose an exhibition that will contribute towards your objectives, attract the right target audience and help you achieve your goals through your exhibition booth. For this, you could ask the organizers about the visitor demographics, attendee numbers and event statistics. This will give you a fair idea of what can be expected through that particular exhibition.



Choosing the Right Location

Once you have decided which exhibition you want to participate in, you can now take time to reserve your space at that event. It is better to register at the earliest, keeping a good span of 6 months before the event. This will enable you to get the prime location in an exhibition which attracts high traffic at your exhibition booth.

Choose a space that works best according to your budget and your exhibition requirements. This will certainly have a huge impact on your return on investment. You could also visit the venue when another exhibition is being held to identify the spots that highlight the exhibition stand construction. It is always better to plan in advance to get the perfect spot for your booth.

Knowing your Neighbors

It is important to have a good idea about your competitors. Therefore, you need to check who are the competitors that would be sharing the floor with you? Most of the time, the list of exhibitors are displayed online. Understand what all exhibition equipment they will be using. Find out as much as you can about them in order to refine your exhibiting strategy accordingly.

Impactful Designs

While planning for your exhibition booth, look for distinctive designs, impactful content and engaging activities which will together add to your exhibiting success. Hire an exhibition stand design company that will help you strategize your marketing plan along with an outline of what you want to achieve in that particular event. Develop a booth theme that depicts enticing messages and draws people’s attention.

Multi-channel Marketing

Just attending an exhibition is not enough. You need to create a pre-buzz about it. This will enable your audience to know that you would be attending an exhibition and where they can approach you. It has been observed developing a pre and post-event marketing plan does wonders in attracting the crowd towards your exhibition booth. A multi-channel approach will certainly mark your presence in an exhibition.

The exhibition is a great marketing medium to increase brand awareness, introduce new products as well as grow customer base stronger. Right marketing strategy for your exhibition booth will definitely hit it big in an exhibition.

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