The process for creating the Perfect Exhibition Stand

The process for creating the Perfect Exhibition Stand


Participating in an exhibition might appear daunting but it is certainly a rewarding experience. But there has to be a certain process which needs to be followed for building a successful show. First and foremost, you need to have a clear objective to participate in an exhibition whether it’s to generate brand awareness, launching a new product or for networking purposes. This goal needs to be clear to the visitors who walk by your exhibition stand. The process mention below will ensure you that you have the right stand for the exhibition.

The Design Element in the Stand

Like we mention above, it is important to discuss with your design team the goal and objective for participation. Once they understand the goal, they can build innovative exhibition stand design ideas which will help in fulfilling those goals. Designers are required to look at the bigger picture, right from graphics to lighting to the layout of the stand. The design phase consists of trial and errors; therefore, the designers need to be flexible to accommodate those variations without compromising the integrity and idea of the project. The statement in your stand design will influence the status of your brand and the future of your business too.

Manufacturing of the Exhibition Stand

Once the design is finalized, the second phase that comes in the picture is the exhibition stand construction. The manufacturers need to build the stand as per the approved design in the warehouse by making use of superior quality materials with an excellent finish. It is their prime duty to see to it that quality is not being compromised at any stage of the construction. The time required for manufacturing varies depending on the type of stands and the design elements in it. The stand represents the company at an exhibition; therefore, it is important that it sets the right example at the event.



The Installation & Logistics Phase

Generally, the building of exhibition stand does not end with the manufacturing phase. It also involves the on-site installation. But before installing, it needs to be transported to the necessary location. That is where Logistics comes into play. The final product needs to be able to withstand the transportation process. Once delivered to the desired location the stand needs to be fully assembled along with the electrical appliances like TV’s, iPads and other technology that puts life in your stand. The last phase in having a perfect exhibition stand is the installation that ensures that the stand is properly structured and set-up at the venue as well as tested whether it functions properly or not.

Project Management

At each of the above phase, it is important to have a common point of contact that will coordinate with everyone. There are few Exhibition stand builders that have a project manager hired for your project. They work with you at every point in the process, making sure that your exhibition stand meets the requirements and is installed without any issues. This will reduce your burden of contacting with each and every person involved in the creation. You will be able to focus on your core business and process can be carried out hassle-free.

So, these were the important stages of creating an awe-inspiring exhibition stand for your event. If your company faces budget constraint issues, you could opt for exhibition stands for hire option which enable you to have bespoke exhibition stands that are effective as well as budget friendly. Along with crafting alluring exhibition stands for your event, you need to hire competent staff that will represent the company. They should be trained enough to answer all your customer’s queries. All these factors together will contribute for a successful show at the event.


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