Types of Stands in an Exhibition

Types of Stands in an Exhibition


Gone are the days where traditional advertising was the sole medium of advertising. Though with the advent of technology, communication tactics have emerged, face-to-face communication still holds an important role in building relationships. That is why; exhibitors have now turned more towards exhibition industry. Exhibition booths play a vital role in any exhibition participation. There are types of stands option that enable you to choose the right stand which fits the desired identity and image of the brand. Their prime work is to promote the products or services. They can be considered the business card of your company.

In order to promote the brand efficiently, exhibitors need to have an appropriate stand for their promotion. Choosing among these standard types of stands depends on the present requirement, availability, and budget of the exhibitor. The various exhibition ideas will also depend on the stand option that you select for the promotion. Your prime objective of participating in an exhibition will determine which kind of exhibition solution will be appropriate for you. There are different standard types of stands that can be set-up in an exhibition but to make it simpler 3 of the types are explained below.

Modular Exhibition Stands

These types of stands are quite popular among exhibitors due to its various features. They are customizable in nature which enables them to fit into client requirements easily. Flexibility along with versatility is what sets these exhibition booths apart from the rest of the stand types. Modular stands are reusable and completely eco-friendly. They are made up of lightweight materials which enable you to save on labour and shipping costs since they can be compacted into small spaces and even built by the exhibitor himself.

Graphics of modular stands are interchangeable so you can have a new & fresh look as well as a new key message for different events. They often make a sensible choice for exhibiting companies whose budget is limited and their aim is to maximize ROI. These types of stands can be reconfigured to fit into different spaces which help in reducing all your cost along the way.



Pop-Up Exhibition Stands

Pop-up stands are visually appealing exhibition stands. These types of stands are versatile and portable in nature too. If your prime objective is branding then pop-up stands makes the ideal choice for the event. They are easy to set-up, making them the most efficient choices for exhibitors who wish to use the stands at various events. Companies who are newbies or the ones with the minimum budget should for the pop-up stand for an exhibition since they are comparatively cheaper than the other types.

Though they restrict your imagination and don’t include many features still they can get your promote your business effectively without getting a hole in your pocket. You could make use of simple exhibition equipment and creative furniture designs to decorate your stand. But you can’t expect to obtain leads like bigger brands. The pop-up stand includes ‘pragmatic’ exhibiting and often works as a money-saver.

Custom Exhibition Stands

Custom exhibition stands consists of compelling custom designs that catch the attention of delegates and attendees and maximizes sales opportunities for your brand. They are usually tall and wide with high walls and a huge logo which makes them physically impressive. They make an ideal choice for bigger companies who require large exhibition stands to make a bigger impact and reinforce their brand’s power by generating qualified leads.

Since the impact is higher, the cost too becomes higher. Therefore, it doesn’t make the right option for small businesses. One more disadvantage of it is that it can’t be reused. The investment is huge in custom but the brand can have a positive long-term effect at an exhibition.

So, these were the types of stands option that can be considered while planning to participate in an exhibition.


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