Modular versus Custom Exhibition Stands? Choosing your perfect stand!

Exhibitions and trade shows are the perfect platform for showcasing a brand’s products and services. As an ideal opportunity for companies to engage and interact on a direct basis, exhibitions offer complete support in building a brand.

One thing that remains the core of any exhibition is your exhibition stand. Exhibitors around the world hunt for compelling and alluring exhibition stands that will help their brand stand apart. One of the major and key decisions is to choose whether to go for a modular exhibition stand or custom exhibition stand. Just like being two sides of the same coin, both modular and custom exhibition stands have their respective advantages and disadvantages. So, before you invest your time and money into picking the right solution, it is important that you get a thorough idea about both the types of stands.
Before you choose your exhibition stand, it is important that you establish few parameters to supplement the planning process. Let us see various factors that need your attention prior to selecting the booth.

  • The budget of your exhibition stand
  • The preferred booth size and how do you want it to be transported
  • Do you require the exhibition stand as a one-time purpose or for multiple events?
  • Are you looking to incorporate digitized technology into your booth?
  • Are there other designs elements that you want to include, for example lighting, colours, additional accessories etc?

After you have the above mentioned information, you can be rest assured that the further planning process can be simplified. Now you can choose your preferred exhibition stand, whether modular or custom booth, based on specific exhibiting needs of your company.
Here is a detailed description where we explore each of the modular booth and custom booth that will help you opt for your perfect exhibition stand.



7 Advantages of Modular Exhibition Stands

1. Adds a flair to display
The modular stands can effectively add a stylish edge to the display of your exhibition stand. These stands can work best with brand graphics too. Add flair to your stand with custom-designed modular stands.

2. Adapts to changing space dimensions
Modular exhibition stands are easily adaptable to changing space dimensions. Whether you have a small exhibition space or raw space, modular booths find its feet perfectly onto these spaces.

3. Reusable
Another advantage of modular stands is the longevity it offers and the reusability it vaunts. Invest in the modular exhibition stands once and reuse the same for multiple shows.

4. Easy to assemble
The pre-fabricated parts of the modular stands help in easy installation and dismantling. You can save time and extra labour costs using the modular stands.

5. Easy to transport
Being portable is one of the best features of modular booths. This feature lets the exhibitor transport the entire stand in a hassle-free way.

6. One stand multiple shows
If you have a calendar of exhibitions to participate in then a one-time investment must be your priority. Modular stands ensure to provide the flexibility of exhibiting with the same stand at multiple shows, offering.

7. Return on Investment
All the above advantages offer a high return on investment, thereby making modular exhibition stands the perfect pick for you.

4 Disadvantages of Modular Exhibition Stands

1. Design constraint
Unlike the custom stands, modular exhibition stands do not give the complete freedom to materialize the unique concepts into designs. Although now a days, the technological development and high end printing facilities give you the option of designing custom-modular stands that look as stunning as the custom counterparts.

2. Difficulty in Warehousing
After the show ends, you need to warehouse the entire modular exhibition stands and materials in your warehouse. If you do not have your own warehousing facility then it becomes a difficulty to store the exhibition materials.

Long gone are the days where pop up trade show display was the only available modular exhibition stand option. But in the recent days, modular stand comes in every size and design with pre-fabricated parts making the installation and dismantling simpler and quick. All these factors comprehensively make modular systems the best solution for every exhibition.

3. Maintenance

This is another disadvantage you need to consider. Unlike custom exhibition displays that are dismantled after the show is over, modular stands require cleaning and storing properly in the dry, clean space.  Its components need to be checked after several uses. Most modular booth design types have high-quality components that last for several uses but it is often advisable to get the durability of your booth checked after a few shows.

4. Not applicable for every trade show

Buying a modular booth design doesn’t mean you can use that booth at every trade show. The same design won’t make a huge impact, even if you have changed the graphics. You are still restricted to the design your modular stand allows. This can lead to certain modular display stands looking similar to other stands in the trade show. So after a year or two, you will have to purchase a new exhibition stand design to keep up with the time.

Advantages of custom exhibition stands

So far we have talked about the benefits of modular reusable exhibition stands not let us look into the benefits that customs exhibition stands provide:

1. Unique look

Custom exhibition stands are often innovative and unique. They instantly draw the attention of visitors, which is necessary to stand out on a competitive trade floor. You get the opportunity to experiment with some innovative concepts and come up with something that is both unique and creative.

2. Impactful brand representation

A custom exhibition stand is built as per the client’s brief. In the hands of an experienced stand designer it can become a true extension of your brand.  You have endless creativity to do build an exhibition stand that expresses your unique corporate identity to visitors.

3. Durability and originality

Custom exhibition stands are built around a specific theme, unlike modular exhibition stands that are built with standardized design specifications.  A custom exhibition stand is also more robust and durable when compared to a modular stand, since they are made from heavy materials such as wood and metal.

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