Here Are Best Exhibition Stand Ideas to Attract Maximum Visitors during the Show

Here Are Best Exhibition Stand Ideas to Attract Maximum Visitors during the Show


In this ever-changing exhibition industry, which is in constant thirst for various exhibition stand ideas, it is crucial to have newer ideas for your stand to emerge from the rest. Furthermore, it becomes necessary to not follow the herd and differentiate between cheap exhibition stand ideas that might waste your budget and time.  Even the experienced exhibitors attempt to beat the competition by looking for appealing and innovative ideas for exhibition stalls to make a mark during the show.

So, whether you are exhibiting for the first time as a newbie of the industry or as a veteran, you should know how to attract visitors to your exhibition stand with an appealing stand design. After all, people attend exhibition shows to look at novelty, they are looking to be stunned and amazed with novelties that they don’t usually see. So how do you come up with good exhibition stand design ideas?

To get you started here are few ideas for exhibition stands that help your exhibition space to look unique and attractive amongst your competitors on the show day. Apply these to your exhibition stand design while adding your own flair. After all, nothing says innovation like an original spin on a classic idea.

Stunning Graphics

The use of large format graphics with high-quality prints and bold fonts will give an enhanced look to your exhibition stands. Ideally you should commission an exhibition stand designer who will provide you with 3D exhibition stand designs to help you to get an overview of how your stand will look on the day of the show. Having imposing graphics will not only look good and eye-catching but will also attract more customers to your exhibition stand. Some of the best exhibition ideas utilise graphics in creative and unique ways to create eye-catching designs that make an exhibition stand out among others, making it easy for attendees to spot them.

Stand tall

Often exhibition stands ideas fail to consider height into the design of their exhibition stand. But there is a great advantage to be had by utilising height to your benefit. Check with your show organisers to see how high you can build your stand design. With large signs and backlight font-style graphics you can peak the curiosity of attendees across the show floor. Big brands often utilise this tactic to great effect during shows. Not many exhibitors consider utilising verticality to their advantage. But often some of the best exhibition stand ideas that dominate shows are the ones that incorporate height in some manner or form.

Accessorize with exhibition stand rentals

Incorporating a few rental accessories into your stand design ideas will help you add more character to your stand. This also makes it easy for you to make your stand look unique. For example if you’ve got an idea for exhibition stand design  that won’t fit in the budget of your build, you could always use cheaper and more portable exhibiting accessories to support that unique idea without any additional costs. Also, you can find a wide range of exhibition stand equipment for your stand builders or a stand design company to enhance the look of your exhibition stand. Quite often it is the little accessories that are placed along with the right design elements, completed the unique experience look that a lot exhibition stands aim to provide their attendees.

Use the exhibition stand video for live streaming

The easy of telecommunication has given birth to several good exhibition stand design ideas one of them being video streaming. Live video streaming your exhibition stand and linking it on a popular social media platform is another innovative exhibition stand idea that can often get attendees who plan on attending the exhibition show curious and excited.

This idea helps your prospective clients, who have not visited the exhibition, to get a first-hand look of your exhibition stand. By get your exhibition stand design to your visitors through video streaming, you not only generate hype during the show but these videos can also be use during post marketing to provide a recap. Furthermore, you can also create interesting product demos with newly launched products and video shoot them for your clients.



Promotional gifts and giveaways

Your exhibition visitors are more likely to enter your exhibition stand if it has some promotional giveaway or freebie for them. Giveaways are one of the best types of promotional stand ideas that are sure to give good returns. They’ve been used as a valid marketing tactic for decades and still remain relevant. Any company that plans to run and exhibition stand should include giveaways as part of their stand design. So ensure that you have these items as giveaways for the visitors to remember you even after the end of the show.

Incorporate a lounge with freebies

Attendees spend all day walking from one exhibition to another. This is tiresome for them since not only do have to walk but also, they are very likely to do while carrying something on their person.  To make it worse, as the hours go, the attendees are likely to only stick with exhibition stands that have some form of seating available. You exhibition stand needs to be one of these stands. Being able to provide your attendees with lounge seating will let you retain them at your exhibition stand longer. Furthermore, they are also more likely to be receptive to any presentation or showcase by your staff. Providing comfortable seating with laptop or mobile charging points can definitely entice visitors to spend more time in your stand.

Get a shinning advantage

A lot of exhibitors forget the advantage lighting can provide to elevate the design of an exhibition stand. It is essential to incorporate additional lighting into your stand design and not rely on the lights provided by the show. Lighting can open up a new possibility of stand ideas for your design based on their position and the type of lighting utilised. The right lighting can be utilised to enhance product presentations and make an exhibition stand design distinguish from its competition at a show.

Build a winning atmosphere

A lot of attendees come of the experience along with the networking. Novelty is an attractive crowd puller. You be using the lights, graphics, and equipment to stimulate the perceptions of your attendees. A good atmosphere will surely retain attendees in your exhibition stand long enough for sales or lead conversion.

With these handy tips on exhibition stand ideas, you can make your stand look different from other exhibition stands and attract maximum visitors. Of course, you’ll need to synergies these tips with your own experience and planning to truly benefit from it.

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