The creative benefits of small exhibition stand ideas

 The creative benefits of small exhibition stand ideas 


Go big or go home. This often seems to be the motto that exhibitors feel they have to follow. The facts and figures are thrown around about attendee attention span, exhibition stand competition, and limited space. Any exhibitor can feel hard-pressed to invest in a large and lavish exhibition stand design so that they can stand out during a tradeshow. A small exhibition stand isn’t considered a valid option when competing with big brands under the same roof. But is that always the norm, hardly.

Business professionals who attend tradeshows aren’t in the same demographic as customers. Quite often, they attend tradeshows seeking out innovation within their industry. They are looking to fulfill specific business needs for their own companies. Having a small exhibition stand is not detrimental nor is having a big exhibition stand beneficial. But it can rather be detrimental to your budget if you spend it all on renting large booth space. Relying on gimmicky cheap exhibition stand ideas to get you through isn’t what will impact the impression of your exhibition stand.  Even with a small exhibition stand, working on your small exhibition stand ideas can often prove more beneficial in several ways.

Restraint Maximizes Creativity

Some of the best creative ideas come by bounding your resources.  Such methods are often used by creative minds in various industries to come up with fresh but attractive ideas for their use. Consider having a small exhibition stand as a blessing when you are brainstorming your ideas for stands since you can easily discard ideas, gimmicks, and equipment that would not suit your small exhibition stand. This saves a good amount of time and effort gauging ideas that you would have considered, just because you had the resources to execute them.


Facilitates Distinction

When working on a small exhibition stand design you have less room to try out several different ideas and your small exhibition stand ideas are specialized and contribute to your brand message.  Any exhibition graphic or exhibiting furnishings you pick, you will need to consider if assists your brand goals. If not, then you’ll probably have no need for it. By working with small exhibition stand design ideas you make start committing to a few ideas from the get-go and are able to create a theme more quickly.


Look at New Angles

It can be very tempting to rely on the usual ideas or use generic ideas with a new spin. But when that ceases to be an option, you’ll need to come up with new small exhibition stand ideas that will suit your branding campaigns. It is very likely that you will come up with several ideas that you would have not considered before, with your limited options. With small exhibition stands you just can’t just ignore aspects of design when working on the composition of your exhibition stand. You would naturally work with your team to enhance each aspect of your small exhibition stand design so that each part of your stand design looks unique.



Quite Economical

Working over small exhibition stand design ideas is cost-effective as you do not need to invest in a large space for a small stand. Since the stand is small, you can save when hiring staff for your show as it doesn’t require many people. A staff of two or three sales executives with the right marketing strategies can be sufficient to represent your brand at the event. A creative exhibition booth that is small in size is quite easy to install and dismantle. With minimum manpower, it can be installed in a few hours and doesn’t require much time for dismantling as well. As small exhibition stands are quite portable and transport-friendly, they won’t cost much in transportation and logistics as well.


Personable & Approachable

One of the added benefits to a smaller exhibition stand is that it lets you appear more friendly and approachable compare to huge booths or brands that are present at the event. You can use this advantage to make sure you offer the same amiable image of your brand by willing to help people with their queries and showcasing what works best for them. You could use some personalized small exhibition stand design ideas that will also help in making you more relatable to your attendees and make your brand more customer-centric.

Even if you have a small space or budget constraint, you could always look out for creative stand design ideas that would keep your attendees interested in your brand. Always remember that adding a personal touch while building a strong relationship is the best thing you can capitalize on and can help make even your small exhibition stand successful.

So having a small exhibition stand is not quite the drawback you would assume. These three benefits we have listed are just a few to consider for your exhibition stand design. Of course, prior to considering these, keep in mind this important aspect, when participating in trade shows establish the specialty that your business and products have to offer for your industry. Also, have a clear understanding of who your demographic is during the tradeshow. This will greatly improve the chances of your design standing out from the competition.

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