Tips to consider when deciding your outfit at a trade show

Tips to consider when deciding your outfit at a trade show


Even a spectacular, eye-catching exhibition stand design can make a dented impact if manned by a poorly dressed staff.

How to dress for a trade show is a crucial aspect of your marketing presentation. As such your attire needs to match the appropriate industry, practicality, and comfort. Coming ill-prepared for your trade show booth attire can spell lost opportunities, looking displaced, and downright uncomfortable.

By paying attention to your trade show dress code for any event, you can ensure that you’ve put your best foot forward to impress attendees. So here are some tips to consider when planning your trade show outfits.

Consider your Industry

Even though most trade shows don’t have an overt dress code. Most of them have unspoken rules with regard to what to wear to an expo. Of course, this depends on the industry. For example, if you are attending a trade show for kid’s products than wearing a crisp suit is bound to be completely out of place. But the same is totally appropriate for software or legal conference. So it’s wise to check the venue where your trade show booth will be displayed.



Take Comfort into Consideration

Trade shows are long, you will most likely spend most of your time on your feet, informing attendees who come to your trade show booth. So ensure that you wear clothes and shoes that will fit you while keeping you comfortable. Consider comfortable but professional outfits with plain colors for

What men should consider:

For formal attire consider playing is safe. Go for a full suit or blazer paired with matching slacks, alongside a black or brown belt is appropriate.  A buttoned-down oxford shirt can also be commonly worn. Neckties are optional, so if you do plan on wearing them consider if you would be comfortable in them for long hours.

If the dress code for the business exhibition is casual more likely to be worn at the trade show you are participating in, then you can gladly opt for polo shirts, dress shirts, or a sensible sweater. Pair that along with the appropriately colored khakis, corduroy pants or dress pants.  Stay on the safe side and avoid wearing sneakers, floaters, jeans, or T-shirts.



What women should consider:

Similar guidelines apply to women, which is to be conservatively dressed. Dress code for business exhibition Pick a blazer with a matching skirt or pants. Sweaters or blouses are also good selections to use.  Furthermore, don’t compromise on comfort for style. If you’re going to wear high heels that pick one that is low and wide. Wearing pumps or flats is also a good option. Remember you are quite likely to spend a lot of time standing so pick trade show booth attire that is comfortable.

At trade shows where casual wear is an option. Women have a wide range of options to mix and match. They can pick a collared shirt with a sweater alongside a plain skirt or khakis.  Even dresses, blouses and polo shirts are acceptable. For footwear consider comfort since dress flats, boots or even sandals are considered as good options when considering how to dress for a trade show.

Double down on Hygiene

It’s always better to turn your inner clean freak on. Too clean is better than just clean. After all, working at a trade show booth for hours can be a grueling task for you and your trade show outfit. You are guaranteed to break a sweat and accumulate at least a modicum of shabbiness as the day goes on. So be sure to shower well and carry plenty of deodorant and wet wipes in your bag. Also, wear a clean, pressed shirt and pants every day at the show. Don’t consider this as an excuse to apply a bottle worth of deodorant on your trade show booth attire. Avoid that since you’re going to be in talking distance of potential customers. Finally, always have breath mints at hand since you breathe will most likely get worse as the day goes on.

So there you have it some tips to consider on what to wear to an expo.

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