Knowing the effect of light boxes and backlighting in exhibition stands

Knowing the effect of light boxes and backlighting in exhibition stands


Backlighting, also known as light boxes is not a new concept. Used on a large scale in exhibition lighting, billboards, and outdoor promotions and in exhibition stands, backlighting is gaining importance to create a massive brand impression.

Let us delve a little deeper into what are the advantages and disadvantages of backlighting and why are we seeing these more and more in exhibition stands?

Why are light boxes and backlighting increasingly used in exhibition stands?

The reasons for this lie mainly in the development of LED lighting in recent years. As a result, backlighting applications are not only much better but also cheaper. Also, lightbox allows you to integrate attractive backlight solutions within a budget to your exhibition stands. The constant urge and need to distinguish yourself from others and attract the attention of your target audience brings out the need for light boxes and backlighting in your exhibition stands.

Backlighting add up to 40% more attention to your brand message!

There are several American studies done on the effect of backlighting. While these surveys cover signage, billboards and wall advertising but backlit solutions are also a perfect pick for exhibition stands. Previous studies have demonstrated that internally illuminated signs offer visibility for a significantly longer distance and times than the externally illuminated signs. And the easier it is for attendees to understand your message, the more likely they are to be curious about your exhibition stand and approach it as necessary.

The darker the exhibition hall, the greater the effect

The effect of backlighting will be greatest at exhibitions and trade shows with little ambient lighting to detract for it. As an exhibitor, you do not have any say in the ambient lighting of the exhibition hall but the organizer is the sole determinant. So it’s up to you to decide and execute how the lighting of your exhibition stand will be positioned to determine the prominence of your backlit effect.

Backlighting minimizes unwanted shadows

 Exhibition stand designs that use backlighting minimise unwanted shadows since these lights are positioned to diffuse harsh shadows and add an inner glow to graphic panels. This ensures that your exhibition stand banners have a bright, visually appealing look. This also improves the texture of your graphics, augmenting it with a glossy sheen.

What are the advantages of integrated backlighting in exhibition stands?

As the studies show, backlighting offers significant advantages when it comes to grabbing visitor attention, readability and focus time. But there are more reasons why you can opt for backlighting. Here are the advantages:

  • Rear-lit photos / images have better attention value and give a focus to your brand message
  • Exhibition stands equipped with backlighting give a different atmosphere as compared to a standard stand with traditional halogen lighting or LED lighting
  • With backlighting, you can make your position more easily stand apart amongst your competitors.
  • Backlighting works great with fonts giving them a natural shadow effect that enhances their look and feels
  • Backlighting kills the unappealing flat 2D effect that graphics prints often have in their stand graphics. This gives your exhibition graphics depth and makes it look professional.

Are there any disadvantages of backlighting?

  • Despite the sharp fall in prices of light boxes, backlight solutions are always more expensive than “classic” enlightened messages
  • Exhibition stands with backlit solutions are more difficult to build. For those who build their exhibition stand themselves, backlighting can be a point of interest.
  • Backlighting works best with fabric prints

What to look for when integrating backlighting into your exhibition stand?

If you are planning to use backlighting in your exhibition stand then do not forget to ask your exhibition stand builder the following points:

Quality of the printing and fabric

The fabric which is printed is of great importance to the quality of the exhibition stand. Backlighting is even greater a concept and element to think upon as the lighting goes through the substance that is going to be printed. At Expo Display Service we ensure to deliver a best-backlit solution in combination with high-resolution dye sublimation printing techniques.

A temperature of the lights

The colour temperature of the LEDs used also determines the colour of the image and text on the exhibition stand. Best backlit exhibition stand is enjoyed the most at a colour temperature of about 6000 Kelvin (= neutral white).

Plug & Play

It is important to understand that when you are positioning your exhibition stand and building it in the exhibition space, that is the right time for backlit solutions to infuse ‘Plug and Play’ mode. This helps in saving a lot of time.

UL & CE mark

Safety is above everything. Also, backlit must meet all the necessary labels. A reputed supplier will only supply tested quality lighting so it is advisable to go for a reliable exhibition stand backlit supplier.

Shadow Formation

High-quality light boxes and backlighting ensure that the shadows of the internal lighting on the visuals of the exhibition stand are minimal.


Here are the conditions that a good exhibition stand must comply:

  • Your exhibition stand needs to stand apart and stand unique from the rest of the stands in the show
  • The exhibition stand must communicate the brand’s message effectively
  • It should flaunt an appealing stand design that invites maximum visitors during the show

Especially when it comes to the first 2 key points, backlighting can play an important role. According to the American studies, backlighting ensures that the communication is visible for longer duration and holds the attention of the target audience.

What do we offer at Expo Display Service?

We at Expo Display Service offer backlighting solution along with the following modular exhibition stands. These solutions can be purchased or rented:

  • Expo Prestige exhibition stands
  • Truss Expo 15 exhibition stands
  • Creeya Exhibition Stands
  • Lumini Expo exhibition stands

We would like to show you several examples of backlighting in exhibition stands in our showroom. Call us or drop us an email for an appointment today!


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