Pros and cons to consider when exhibiting

Will an exhibition stand help my business grow?

This idea might have been churning in your head as a show attendee. Perhaps, you’re an entrepreneur itching to try this new avenue of marketing or a senior employee in your company’s marketing team gauging if exhibiting is the right ingredient for your brand strategy.

If you’ve attended exhibition shows or did a cursory search on exhibition stands. You would have found a cyclic range of information that extolled the benefits of exhibitions as irrefutable facts.

While benefits such as better leads and more brand exposure is true and measurable for the most part, there are is a clear downside involved in running an exhibition stand i.e. Its benefits are not guaranteed!

So in this post we’ll be telling you about the risks involved prior to you deciding to hire exhibition stands. We’ll also cover on how to capitalize on the benefits involved.


Careful research is essential to determine your chances for success at any show. Since results are not guaranteed and determined by the success of your stand design and your marketing strategy. It pays to estimate your ROI prior to taking the leap.

So with that said, here are some risks that you need to consider:

Stand costs & overhead expenses

Other than the cost of stand space, the expense of building a stand is not cheap. One needs to account for charges involved for stand materials, stand design, build and installation. There are several exhibition stand builders that provide all-round exhibition stand services but they are still expensive even if the benefit is less logistics to handle.

Furthermore, shows require several days of complete attention to be successful. This means you’ll need to account for: travel, accommodation and food for your staff.

All the above can be quite a pinch to your finances regardless of how deep your pockets go. So it’s essential that you’ve quantified your business targets and ROI prior to diving into deciding stand types.



Right Stand for the Wrong Show

You could have the most relevant exhibition stand graphics combined with an engaging stand design that gets flocked by hundreds of visitors, but that will still not give you leads that will convert into business clients, if you’re not in the right show.

Running a bakery stand at a stationary trade show will get you some leads, but not a lot, in comparison to having one in a dairy trade show.

So researching the show you plan to attend is essential for the success of your stand. Don’t rush into a popular show that suits your budget. Although, booking space at a show that has big brands is common sense. You also need to make sure that it is relevant to your industry. Otherwise, the only thing you’ve done is spent a lot of money.


Trade shows are great way to advertise your brand and the products or services you offer.

Brand awareness is the obvious benefit and with the right stand you can imprint your brand on the minds of industry professional and visitors.

Generating leads and building a database of high-value clients is another benefit that is obvious. But you need capitalize them after the exhibition.

So how do you go about ensuring that you’re able to gain these benefits?

Brand awareness

In the case of brand awareness, you should turn to digital marketing and use social media sites relevant to your industry to start and sustain a buzz for your stand design. If you already have your website or social media page, use these to broadcast your involvement and host games with giveaways for existing customers or attendees who will come to the show.

Collecting leads

As for collecting valuable leads, that’s just the first step. Don’t toss them in a slush pile after a successful exhibition stand. Get your team together and start planning on how to approach these leads, at once. You don’t want them to turn cold or be snatched away by a competitor.

Finally, consider if you have the funds to justify the expenses involved. Forecast, if the business you would generate could give a justifiable return on your investment. Visit the show you’re considering to exhibit and have a solid plan ready for engaging your visitors and meeting your business targets.

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