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Looking for the ideal exhibition stand in Dusseldorf? Your search ends here! Expo Display Service is your trusted booth supplier for top-notch custom exhibition stands in Dusseldorf.

Ourđź“ŤApeldoorn facility is conveniently located a 2-hour drive from Messe Dusseldorf. a leading exhibition venue in the city. Additionally, our headquarters in St. Leon Rot, Germany, and showrooms in Bad Kreuznach and Olching ensure swift and effective service for events in the area.

Our local team is proficient in both English and German, ensuring clear communication and a thorough understanding of local exhibition standards. This know-how is vital to guaranteeing you a compliant exhibition experience.

Explore a wide range of over 1,000+ customisable exhibition stand design ideas using our Expo Stand Configurator. Find the one that perfectly aligns with your brand, or share your requirements, and we’ll create a new trade show booth design just for you.

For immediate assistance with your exhibition stand rentals, contact us at +49 (0) 6227 877-290 or email international@expodisplayservice.com.

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From the 6 sqm to 100 sqm custom rental booths, we do it all.

Janibell Gmbh
Medica, Dusseldorf

One Drop Only
Expopharm, Dusseldorf

Euro Poliuretani
Euroshop, Dusseldorf

Shoes For Crews
A+A Dusseldorf

Managing Every Aspect of Your Trade Show Booth Rentals in Dusseldorf

Dusseldorf, a renowned hub for international trade fairs, hosts numerous prestigious events annually. This bustling city attracts diverse industries, making it an ideal location for your upcoming exhibition. As you consider participating in one of Dusseldorf’s acclaimed trade fairs, let’s explore why our trade show booth rentals in Dusseldorf are your perfect choice:

Full-Service Rentals:

As your go-to booth supplier, Expo Display Service offers comprehensive solutions for your trade show booths. We handle everything from booth design to graphics printing, setup, and dismantling. We control delivery schedules with our fleet of trucks, ensuring a smooth process without third-party intervention. 

Dedicated Project Management:

Our experienced project managers, fluent in English and German, ensure a seamless experience. They act as crucial intermediaries between you and event organisers, overseeing all aspects of your custom exhibition stand, guaranteeing a hassle-free experience in this dynamic city.

Ready to Stand Out at Dusseldorf Exhibitions?

Top Trends in Exhibition Stand Design for Dusseldorf Trade Shows

DĂĽsseldorf is a hub for cutting-edge trade shows, and staying ahead of the latest trends in exhibition stand design can give you a significant edge. Whether you’re working with exhibition stand builders or sourcing materials from stand suppliers, here’s what’s hot in the world of exhibition stand rentals:

Technology Integration: From interactive touchscreens to augmented reality experiences, technology is making exhibition stand rentals more engaging. Partnering with tech-savvy trade show booth can help create a dynamic space where visitors can interact with your products digitally.

Flexible Designs: Modular designs in trade show booth rentals are becoming incredibly popular as they offer versatility and are easily adapted for different spaces and events. This adaptability enables companies to tailor their presentations to diverse audiences without incurring extra expenses.

Bold, Bright Colors: To stand out in a crowded hall, booth manufacturers are using vibrant colours and bold graphic designs. This visual appeal can make your trade show booth a focal point of the event.

Enhanced Lighting Solutions: Lighting can dramatically change the look and feel of your bespoke exhibition stand. It not only accentuates your products but also cultivates a welcoming ambience that attracts visitors.

Maximised Space Utilisation: Smaller exhibition stand rentals are enhancing their effectiveness through intelligent design. Smart storage options and streamlined layouts ensure optimal use of every square inch, creating a tidy and well-organised space.

Storytelling Elements: Today’s booth rentals are about more than showcasing products—they’re about telling your brand’s story. Booth suppliers are integrating elements that help narrate your company’s history or vision, making for a more memorable visitor experience.

Embracing these trends with the help of skilled exhibition stand builders can make your next Dusseldorf trade show a resounding success.


Aymeric Lecanu


Expo Display Service was very responsive to our need to rent a booth with 6 weeks notice. Managed all aspects professionally, Looking forward to working with them again.

Katie Kossow

Dynamic Ratings

Had a great experience. Was looking for a vendor in Europe to work with for a show in Paris. Being in the USA, I was worried about time difference and language. However, Expo Display Service was able to respond quickly, speak in English, and they did a great job setting up at the event .

Karina Lawrence

Ride Cell

Great company. Sophisticated booth design, fast turn around time, easy communication Can recommend this company to anyone

Tips for Exhibition Success in Dusseldorf

Basic German phrases can enhance your experience in Dusseldorf, where English is widely spoken.

Dusseldorf International Airport is disability-friendly and offers a quick bus ride to the Trade Fair Center.

Stay weather-ready with forecast checks for Dusseldorf's variable climate.

Purchase a public transport ticket for travel to and from events at the DĂĽsseldorf venue, as the Messe DĂĽsseldorf admission ticket does not cover this.

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