3 ways to maximise footfall for trade show booths

3 ways to maximise footfall for trade show booths


If you are an aspiring brand that strives for continued success and growth, you have several reasons to participate in a trade show. The most common reasons that, probably, first come across your mind are peer-networking, market-testing, or reigniting brand presence. However, if you give it a thought again the underlying goal of your business or any business is to attract crowds with creative trade show exhibits and bring profits. So here are some methods that can help boost footfall at your trade show booths.

Focus on Presentation

If you have ever made a presentation that has been liked and applauded by your peers or business partners, you certainly know what goes into making a commendable presentation.  Your final presentation and the way your present it is only half the work. The most important part of a presentation is to align ideas and concepts. The same principle goes into conceptualising trade show booth designs. You want your booth to look distinct and grab your target audience’s attention. After all, audiences will only remember booths that look unique and captivating.

So how would you go about making your exhibition booth stand out from other trade show booth designs? This is where booth design experts come into the picture. These experts specialise in building an attractive trade show displays that suit your brand. It’s a skill that these professional booth designers have honed over the years. By having an expert on your side to assist you in building an innovative trade show booth design, you will have a design that will give you an edge over your competitors.

Have a sales script ready

The presentation is just one part of the equation. The leg-work your sales team does will ensure if your brand strikes a chord with your attendees. To begin with, pick the most extroverted members from your sales team to lead your booth’s reception. But don’t skip training your team. Make sure you have multiple briefings with your team before the final show. Ensure that everyone is on the same page about your business objectives. Discuss your target audience and sales approach with your team. Build a script that covers every likely scenario your team will encounter at the trade show. A well-prepared game plan will allow your sales team to make a great impression on every attendee at your booth. An attractive trade show booth design will bring curious prospects, but it is your sales team that will be able to retain them.

Finally, don’t forget to dress well and appropriately for the show. It is a known fact that professionals who dress well, stand out. Teams who are well-dressed at trade show booths not only draw more attention but also reflect your professionalism. This doesn’t mean that your team needs to wear expensive tailor-made suits or dresses, but rather their outfit should signal seriousness and look appropriate for a trade show.



Utilize Freebies

You might think that the idea of freebies is out-dated and done to death. But giveaways remain relevant for on most occasions, and an exhibition is definitely one of them. These freebies can be a variety of items such as stationary, gift coupons, and product samples. You can even use them as incentives in return for your attendees’ contact information, which can be very useful for you in the future.

One of the giveaways which are quite economical and can make a huge difference for your attendees is a carry bag. We highly recommend this to you. Why? Attendees spent all their day visiting other trade show booths and they are likely to feel annoyed to carry brochures and freebies in their hand. They will happily grab a carry bag with your branding, with the added bonus that attendees will be indirectly marketing your brand to the entire trade show and outside exhibition too.

Final advice

So, let’s recap, a unique trade show booth design can impress attendees. A well- prepared team can convert potential prospects into solid leads. Giveaways can get attendees to flock to your booth. There are more trade show booth ideas, which you should explore with the help of a professional booth designer. But the success of your trade show booth will depend on your determination to make a lasting impression. Trade shows are the best places to find high-quality leads, so make sure you give your 100% to grab your audience’s attention.

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