Why exhibitions are the next big thing

Why exhibitions are the next big thing!


Marketing and networking are two prospects that every company aspires to excel in. Television, radio, print media do give an opportunity to companies to market and promote their product. Though the reach of these mediums is substantial, at the end of the day it is just one way communication.

This is the reason why, social media has taken the marketing world by storm. Not only is it relatively cost effective but it enables two-way communication with the target group, but social media doesn’t facilitate networking. This is where exhibition takes the cake.

Exhibitions enable companies to interact with their clients, promote their brands and even engage in networking, these are among the few advantages of exhibitions. Here’s an overview of why and how exhibitions can help your business.

1. Exposure to relevant audience – There are various types of exhibitions held all year round. There are exhibitions solely for electronics, food and beverages and various other categories. Hence, at an exhibition you can be assured that the visitors that drop by your exhibition booths are specifically interested in what you have to offer. Most importantly maximum number of visitors at any given show are potential buyers. Some do visit exhibitions to gauge the market but most are interested in buying.

2. Favorable platform to network and generate leads – Most professionals and executives visit exhibitions for the sole purpose of networking. At an exhibition you get an opportunity to meet potential clients and make some profitable business alliances. It is a favorable platform to capture leads that can eventually help the company to grow exponentially.



3. Proactive platform – One of the prime advantages of exhibition participation is that it enables live and interpersonal communication with your target group at the comfort and convenience of your exhibition stands. Direct communication with your audience, at your exhibition booth, can be beneficial to the company in many ways. You can give live demonstration regarding your products and services, conducts workshops and Q and A sessions to address consumer queries. Very few marketing mediums will grant you this golden opportunity.

4. Lucrative opportunity to launch or re-launch a product – Exhibitions have emerged as an opportune platform to launch products in the market. What with the presence of media, potential audience your contemporaries and competitors at exhibitions, there is no better place to introduce your product in the market and that too at your exhibition stands

5. Gives an opportunity to build a stronger relationship with consumer – Two way communications is the foundation of a healthier relationship between the brand and the consumer. At an exhibition you get an opportunity to address your consumer’s doubts, queries and even grievances of those that visit your exhibition booths. Direct communication has a personal touch that indirectly strengthens the bond between the company and the consumer.

6. Increase brand credibility – At exhibitions, you get the chance to showcase your brand and products alongside the exhibition stands of some of the reputed and well established companies in the market, this projects a positive image and helps to increase brand credibility among the visitors. Also, communication with your visitor further helps the cause.

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