5 Tips to Avoid Exhibit Rental Pitfalls

5 Tips to Avoid Exhibit Rental Pitfalls


Nowadays, the first question that dwells in an exhibitor’s mind when they plan to take part in an exhibition is whether to buy or rent an exhibition stand? I’m sure you too must have faced this dilemma. As per the current industry rule of thumb, it has been observed that renting an exhibition stand design would cost one-third of the purchasing cost.

Having an exhibition stand on hire will free you from the costs and headaches of long-term storage, logistics, and refurbishment costs. But renting an exhibition stand design is not a cakewalk as no proper planning could result in unexpected costs and delays. Your exhibition stand hire company plays a vital role in making your rental decision successful. You need to choose wisely encompassing the below elements in your decision process. Therefore, if you’re planning to rent an exhibition stand for your next show, then you need to keep in mind the below tips to avoid common exhibit rental pitfalls.

1. Check the Quality

Building the right brand image at an exhibition is essential as your exhibition stand has the potential to either make or break your brand. And poor company image would let the attendees and your potential customers question your company’s credibility and the value of your product or service. Hiring option is often underrated due to this reason as several companies outsource their work which ultimately affects the overall quality of their exhibition stand. Thus, before hiring an exhibition stand design company, make sure you check their quality of work and whether they have their in-house team or outsource their work.


2. Provide comprehensive RFP

When you appoint an exhibition company to build your exhibition stand on hire, you need to make certain that you provide them with all the necessary information through your request for proposal (RFP). Make sure they understand your objective for participation as well as your strategic and logistical expectations. You can share with them your parameters on preferred fonts, corporate logos, and colours, etc. Also, mention the type of exhibition stand graphics you need that will facilitate in educating your attendees. Having a detailed RFP will reduce the time that would have gone into answering questions.



3. All-inclusive Price Package

Budgeting holds a crucial place in the planning process. Asking for an all-inclusive package service which includes transparent prices will enable you to avoid unexpected expenditures. Generally, the tax on your exhibit rental adds up to 10% to the final price, and there are several exhibition stand contractors that offer prices excluding these taxes. So, find out about the taxes and calculate your budget for this expense. Check the estimates of the supplementary services that might be needed such as the weight and dimensions of your shipping cases for your exhibition stand on hire. It should also include the electrical and wire management facility that would be needed to support your rental.

4. Sneak-Peek before the Event

Just hiring an exhibition stand hire company and leaving everything on them will not serve your purpose; you need to be aware of your stand progress. You need to get updates on the milestones that are met and arrange for a demo exhibit set up before the show. Make sure you inform your rental company to provide a trial date to ensure it meets your exhibit requirements. Even though you approve prior to the shipping, request for photos of advance-shipped items to get a preview before it reaches the exhibit venue. It will ensure that there is no last-minute crisis such as there are no holes in countertops for electrical cables or unreadable font size on exhibition stand graphics etc. Look out for companies that offer 100% pre-built guarantee service on your stand which will ensure that you have a flawless and the best quality exhibition stand at the event.

5. Cross Check Your Documents

Always check your rental agreement from an exhibition stand hire company and see to it that it includes everything that you have mentioned in your RFP. Sometime it might happen that it might not match the original proposal therefore before signing the contract make sure you go through the documents carefully. Few companies might do cost-cutting in their budget and offer something as per their expediency. Therefore, it is important that you make it clear at the start and mention it in your agreement document that there will be no replacements for materials without your approval.

Apart from these, ask for a dedicated resource from the rental company that will help you set up your exhibition booth on site. Also, appoint your in-house executive to manage and supervise the installation. Having an exhibition stand on hire will offer several benefits with minimal hitches. Following the above tips would help you plan your exhibit error freely and make your exhibiting rental experience memorable.

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